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Boynton Beach Fishing Charters

Written by Noah Chanin.

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    We offer the following types of fishing boats in Boynton Beach:

    Premium Sportfish

    Most Popular
    Premium Sportfish
    From $500
    34' Albemarle in Boynton Beach, FL
    Max Guests: 6
    34 Albemarle
    • Trip Lengths: 4, 6, 8 hour trips
    • Maximum Passengers: 6 [Why?]
    • Crew: Captain and Mate
    • Boat Info: Air Conditioned Cabin, Clean bathroom
    • Included: Boat, crew, licenses, bait, ice
    • Not Included: Live Bait, 15-20% gratuity
    • Common Fish: Sailfish, Swordfish, Sharks, Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Grouper, Snapper, and more...
    Expert Opinion:steve-headshot-100x100 "This express style sportfish is perfect for anglers who enjoy being outdoors and feeling close to the water. It has an elevated seating area forward of the fishing cockpit that offers "stadium seating" for spectators. The boat also has an air conditioned cabin and bathroom. The boat is in tip-top shape and it truly stands out on the dock. The boat is located near the Boynton Inlet and is the closest fishing charter to Downtown Delray Beach and Boynton Beach. It's also less than a 30 minute drive from Palm Beach."

    Why Choose This One: "This is one of the most affordable sportfish options in South Florida and also one of the newest and best maintained boats we have."

    Approximate Driving Times: Boca Raton: 15-20 min; Boynton Beach (east): 1-5 min; Boynton Beach (west): 10 - 20 min; Delray Beach (Downtown): 10 min; Fort Lauderdale: 45 min; West Palm Beach (Downtown): 15-25 min; Palm Beach (The Breakers): 25 - 35 min
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    Center Console

    Please Call.

    Fishing Yachts

    Luxury Fishing Yacht
    From $4,000
    65' Viking in Boca Raton, FL
    Max Guests: 6
    65 Viking
    • Trip Lengths: 4, 6, 8 hour trips
    • Maximum Passengers: 6 [Why?]
    • Crew: Captain and Mate
    • Boat Info: Luxury yachts, 3 staterooms, 3 bathrooms
    • Included: Boat, crew, licenses, bait, breakfast, lunch, beer, soft drinks
    • Not Included: 20% Crew Gratuity collected in advance, custom catering available
    • Common Fish: Sailfish, Swordfish, Sharks, Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Grouper, Snapper, and more...
    Expert Opinion:steve-headshot-100x100 "Deep PromOcean offers the pinnacle of fishing luxury. The teak cockpit with mezzanine seating has plenty of room for anglers and spectators and the spacious salon provides a lavish retreat from the elements. What makes this yacht particularly special is the enclosed flybridge with sky lounge where guests can relax in air conditioned comfort and a birds eye view of the sea.."
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    Groups over 6

    Call us for for Group Charters

    If you have a group of over six, please call us at (888) 336-1702. We are experts on planning large group and corporate fishing trips for groups of any size. The size of our fleet is unmatched by any other company.

    Due to federal regulations, most charter boats can take a maximum of six passengers. Regulations aside, it is difficult to have more than a few people fishing at a time, so we typically recommend chartering multiple boats. The biggest advantage to fishing from multiple boats is that each person's chances of catching a fish are much higher, not to mention you will be much more comfortable.

    VIP Fishing Tournament
    When we arrange group charters on multiple boats, we often arrange for a custom fishing tournament in which groups on each boat compete with one another for the biggest fish or the most fish. This leads to a fun, competitive atmosphere that unites teams and makes everyone in your group feel like they are part of one activity.

    Light Tackle, Inshore, Tarpon

    Private Inshore and Tarpon Fishing Charter
    From $400
    16' Zebra Skiff with Captain Jason ("JP") Peters 
    Max Guests: 2
    Florida Flats and Inshore Fishing
    • Trip Lengths: 4, 6, 8 hour trips
    • Maximum Passengers: 2 [Why?]
    • Crew: Guide
    • Boat Info: Flats boat. No bathroom.
    • Included: Boat, guide, licenses, bait, ice
    • Not Included: Gratuity, you may bring your own food and drink
    • Common Fish: Tarpon, Snook, Permit, Jacks and more...
    Expert Opinion:steve-headshot-100x100 "Captain JP describes himself as "obsessed with fishing" and within a few minutes of speaking with him you'll understand exactly what he means. His 16' Zebra skiff is perfect for all types of inshore fishing and can access shallow areas few other boats can go. Every one of JP's trips is customized based on your preferences, which means you can target all different types of fish such as bonefish, tarpon, peacock bass and more. This boat is kept on a trailer and as a result can be launched at different fishing locations both in freshwater, saltwater, and the Florida Everglades. The captain will contact you upon booking to discuss recommended launch locations based on the season and your preferences."

    Why Choose This One:
     "A great option for inshore fishing on flats and bays. Quieter than an airboat on Everglades trips but cannot access some spots."

    Approximate Driving Times: Trip locations vary by season and your preference. The Captain will contact you prior to your trip to arrange a location.
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  • Located on the Intracoastal Waterway across the oceanfront towns of Ocean Ridge and Briny Breezes in Florida, Boynton Beach is not a beachfront city – but we can still take you deep sea fishing on our Boynton Beach Fishing Charters. The ride to the Atlantic Ocean is a very short one and you have the opportunity to catch some of the most sought-after and spectacular big game fish in the world. The Gulf Stream current brings fish of all varieties close to shore during their migrations, and we do not need to travel far at all. Our luxury fishing charters in Boynton Beach will take you on an extreme fishing adventure that you will never forget.

    The challenge, exhilaration and intense reward is immense when fish such as dolphin, tuna, blue marlin, white marlin, swordfish, grouper, snapper, shark, sailfish and wahoo are hooked on your lines. Every year, various sports fishing tournaments are held in these waters because these fish are so popular among anglers from all over the world. Fishing is an extreme sport in Boynton Beach and the locals highly recommend this experience to anyone wishing to catch some of these monster fish.

    Our Boynton Beach Fishing Charters give anglers a number of advantages. Our captains and crews all specialize in catching any type of fish found in the Atlantic Ocean and they delight in sharing their knowledge with everyone onboard. There is a vast array of tournament grade equipment on our luxury fishing boats in Boynton Beach, and the expertise of our captains in using them will allow you to target any fish you most wish to catch. Every fishing yacht in our fleet exceeds all the required safety regulations and they are extremely comfortable, clean and reliable. You can relax and catch fish in style.

    Catching fish is not the only activity that you can enjoy in Boynton Beach. Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach are a few minutes away, along with their tourist attractions. There are restaurants, bars, museums, theme parks, theatres, environmental centres, wildlife sanctuaries, nature trails, shopping facilities, galleries, spas and many more to keep you thoroughly busy. If you are in the mood for activities then you can go diving, snorkelling, sailing, hiking, golfing, parasailing and jet-skiing – whatever you feel like doing can certainly be done.

    Climb aboard our luxury fishing charters in Boynton Beach for the ultimate fishing adventure. We can customize your charter to focus on any particular fish you wish to catch. Various equipment and techniques can be used to ensure you have the highest chance of success. There are always several highly sought-after fish biting every day, which means that a bad day of fishing does not exist for anyone onboard our Boynton Beach Fishing Charters.

    Call now to book your Boynton Beach Fishing Charter and have an unforgettable adventure.

  • We're happy to answer any questions you have before, during, or after your charter. We've compiled a list of our frequently asked questions below, but if you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to contact us.

    Choose from the topics below to jump to answers: 


    Air Conditioning

    • Most boats in our fleet are air conditioned and have generators that allow the A/C to operate even when the boat leaves the dock
    • Our small inshore boats and center consoles do not have air conditioning
    • See the boat info section of our boat profiles for information specific to the boat you are considering


    • You are welcome to bring alcohol on board any of our charters, but please avoid bringing glass on board as it poses a safety hazzard
    • Excessive consumption of alcohol can amplify the inherent risks associated with fishing and can also contribute to seasickness.
    • The Captain's top priority is the safety of all crew and guests and therefore reserves the right to return to shore if he is concerned about the safety of any crew member or passenger.

    Bait (Live Bait)

    • Standard bait is included unless otherwise specified
    • Live bait is typically not included in the price and the cost is the responsibility of the charterer.
    • Live bait is used for targeting certain species of fish during certain seasons. Your Captain will explain this in detail.
    • The price for live bait normally varies between $50 and $100.


    • Most of our boats have a bathroom ("head") on board
    • Some of our smaller boats and center consoles do not have a bathroom
    • Please see our boat profiles for specific information

    Cancellations & Refunds

    • Our cancellation window for each boat is listed on the first page of the booking process
    • If not otherwise specified, our cancellation window is 72 hours or more prior to the charter for standard trips and 14 days or more for over six and yacht trips.
    • Customers who cancel within the cancellation window will receive a full refund of any amounts paid.
    • Customers who cancel after the cancellation window expires are responsible for the full amount of the charter, any catering or add ons that have been purchased, plus a 20% gratuity.


    • We can arrange custom catering on most trips ranging from drinks and snacks to ellaborate platters
    • We can even arrange to have a chef prepare meals on most of our boats
    • Please contact us at 954-881-1081 for a catering quote or visit our Add Ons page.


    • Children are permitted on our charters and there is no minimum age
    • For younger children we recommend choosing a boat with an air conditioned cabin and bathroom
    • All children must be supervised by a parent or legal guardian at all times and parents should be aware of the inherent risks associated with fishing
    • Please let your captain know ahead of time if there will be small children on board so he can make sure we have the proper size life jackets.

    Credit Cards

    • We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express
    • We charge no credit card fees on money we collect online, but some boats charge a 3-5% processing fee when you pay the balance the day of.
    • Most crew prefer cash if possible.


    • We collect a deposit at the time of booking to reserve the trip. This ranges from 15% to 100% of the charter and varies by the boat.
    • The balance due is paid the day of when you arrive at the boat.
    • The deposit is refundable in accordance with the boats cancellation policy, which you can find on the booking page. If not otherwise specified, our normal refund policy is 72 hours prior to the charter.

    Fish Caught

    • Any fish that are caught on your charter and are legal to take belong to you
    • At the end of the charter our crew will clean and filet your catch and package it in sealed bags so you can take it home or to a restaurant
    • In most locations, we can arrange to have your catch professionally packaged, frozen, and shipped to you. Please speak directly with your captain for information on shipping fish.
    • We typically release all species that are inedible (sailfish, sharks, etc.) unless you request otherwise. If you would like to "mount your catch" as a trophy our crew has been profesionally trained to measure and photograph the fish so a taxidermist can create an exact replica. This allows the fish to survive and contributes to sustainable fisheries and environmental conservation.

    Food & Beverage

    • Most of our charters provide a cooler with ice for you to store any food or beverage you bring on board
    • Some of our trips include catering, this will be specified in the boat profile and on the first page of the booking process
    • Please contact us if you would like to arrange for custom catering or visit our add ons page.


    • A 15-20% gratuity for your crew is customary and not included in the price
    • You should present the gratuity to the captain or the mate at the end of the charter. On most boats, the crew has an arrangement to split the tips received no matter who it's handed to.
    • We collect a 20% gratuity in advance for all yacht charters and this makes up the majority of compensation for the crew. You are welcome to reward outstanding service with an additional tip, but this is not expected or required.

    Fishing Licenses

    • Every one of our boats has a blanket charter license that applies to all guests and crew
    • You do not need to purchase a fishing license separately


    • We will provide the exact address of the boat with your confirmation or upon request
    • All our deep sea boats are located as close to the ocean inlets to maximize fishing time.
    • Our boats are usually within a 30 minute drive of the city they are listed on; however, sometimes they are not in the same city.

    Maximum Passengers

    • Due to US Coast Guard regulations most charter boats are limited to a maximum of six passengers. Many of our boats are large enough to accomodate many more, but Federal regulations limit us to six.
    • In some locations we offer an "Over 6" option on boats that have a special permit from the Coast Guard to take additional passengers. These boats have similar ammenities to our other sport fishing boats.
    • Some of our yacht charters can take over six passengers by using a special charter contract that allows them to accomodate extra passengers while still complying witht the law. Please contact us for more information.
    • Children of any age count towards the limit.
    • Crew members do not count towards the limit.


    • Unless otherwise stated, our prices are for chartering the whole boat and there is no additional charge per person
    • Some exceptions exist such as with our boats that take over six passengers. On these boats there may be a charge for each passenger over 6
    • We guarantee the lowest price on every boat in our fleet. That means that if you are quoted a lower price for the same trip on the same day on the same boat, we will beat that price by 10%.


    • Seasickness is another term for motion sickness and typically manifests itself in the form of fatigue, nausea, and vomitting. In severe cases seasickness can lead to unconciousness and requires profesional medical treatment.
    • If you have suffered from seasickness in the past, we recommend preparing for your trip starting the day before by hydrating, getting plenty of sleep, and avoiding alcohol consumption. There are several over the counter remedies and a host of prescription remedies that must be obtained through a doctor.
    • If you are concerned about seasickness please speak with your captain prior to the charter for advice.
    • Most charters, unless otherwise specified, are private which means you are free to return to the dock at any time if you are uncomfortable.
    • We can not guarantee that you will not get seasick, nor do we provide refunds for charters that are ended early at the request of the charterer.