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Naples Fishing Charters

Written by Noah Chanin.

  • Best Fishing Charters in Naples
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  • Best Fishing Charters in Naples
  • Naples Fishing Charters
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The Gulf of Mexico is known for the thriving abundance of big game fish swimming in its waters, and you can catch them on our Naples Fishing Charters. Millions of anglers seek the excitement that these fish offer and all of them are after the most sought-after sports fish in the world. Every year, various sports fishing tournaments are held in Naples and they attract anglers in their masses. You can discover just how exhilarating it is to catch the world’s most spectacular fish – just climb aboard our luxury fishing charters in Naples.

A bad day of fishing in the Gulf of Mexico does not exist. There is a variety of sports fish available such as swordfish, blue marlin, white marlin, sailfish, shark, mahi-mahi, tuna, snapper, wahoo and grouper (to name only a few). If a fish is not biting then your captain may suggest targeting another instead. There are always several types of these fish biting and you can experience the adrenalin, challenge and extreme reward once they are hooked on your lines. With so many monster game fish lurking underwater, it is no wonder that fishing is so popular in Naples.

You have the chance to catch them too. Incredibly reliable, fast, clean and comfortable, all our luxury fishing boats in Naples are outfitted with tournament grade equipment of the highest quality. You can use it to target a specific fish and our highly experienced captains and crews will show you exactly which techniques have proven to be the most successful in catching them. Vastly experienced, they know exactly where to find every type of fish in the Gulf of Mexico, and how to catch them. Such in-depth knowledge is a real advantage and every angler onboard will benefit from it.

The city of Naples has a multitude of tourist attractions to entertain visitors in the area - when they are not fishing, of course. There are several parks, wildlife sanctuaries and reserves that you can visit. The climate ensures ideal weather for tropical vegetation and you can enjoy the scenery, go swimming and sunbathing. 5th Avenue South and 3rd Street South are shopping districts where you can browse antique shops, art galleries and more. Tourism is a main industry for Naples and you can find something to do regardless of whether you are in the mood for adventure or relaxation.

Fishing is an activity that comes highly recommended by both locals and tourists to the area and our Naples Fishing Charters are ideal for any level of angler. You will have the opportunity to target any game fish and we will help you catch it. Our captains will work with you to customize your charter for the most thrilling experience possible, and you will be able to live the adventure for a few hours onboard our luxury fishing boats in Naples.

Call today to book your Naples Fishing Charter and discover the marine life in the Gulf of Mexico.

Fishing Boats In Naples

As your personal fishing concierge, VIP fishing charters can arrange fishing trips on any type of fishing boats in Naples, including:


Fort Lauderdale Sportfish

Type Standard Sportfish
Length 40 - 50 feet
Max Passengers 6
Air Conditioning Yes
Bathroom Yes
Kid Friendly Yes
Sportfish type boats are the quintessential fishing machines. They are designed for speed and seaworthiness in a variety of conditions. The traditional sportfish design consists of a long bow, followed by the cabin, and behind it a large fishing area. Over the cabin is the "flybridge" where the captain steers from. Some sportfish have a tower above the flybridge, which is useful for spotting certain types of fish.


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Luxury Fishing Yacht

Luxury Sportfish

Type Luxury Sportfish
Length 55 - 75 ft
Max Passengers 6 or 12
Air Conditioning Yes
Bathroom Yes
Kid Friendly Yes
Our line of luxury sportfishing yachts are for discriminating anglers who wish to fish aboard multi-million dollar yachts. These boats are either brand new or recently refit. Their design is similar to our standard sportfish, except they are much larger and are finished to megayacht standards. Our luxury sportfishing yachts feature exquisite interior and exterior spaces and make a statement everywhere they travel.


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Express Sportfish


Type Express Sportfish
Length 30 - 45 ft
Max Passengers 6
Air Conditioning Yes
Bathroom Yes
Kid Friendly Yes
Express style sportfish are similar to standard sportfish in design, but instead of having a salon midship, there is an open outdoor seating area and steering station. The advantage is that everyone is one the same level. On the other hand, the express design limits interior space, so it is more appropriate for groups that like to be outside. There is a small air conditioned cabin and bathroom below.


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Flats Fishing, Fly Fishing,
Bay Fishing Boats

Fly Fishing Flats Fishing

Type Flats Fishing Boat
Length 15 - 25 ft
Max Passengers 3 (2 adults)
Air Conditioning No
Bathroom No
Kid Friendly Yes
Flats fishing, fly fishing, and bayfishing boats are small boats with low freeboard designed for maximum speed and agility. They are designed to operate in very shallow water, which enables anglers aboard these boats to access areas most boats would go aground. Because of their small size, these boats are not ideal for large groups an can typically only accomodate two adults.


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Types of Fishing in Naples

Naples offers so many fishing options. If it swims in saltwater, chances are you can find it off of Naples. Common fish types are listed below, but if you're interested in another type of fishing, please let us know and we will work with the captain to help target the specific species you are interested in.


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