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Charter Liquor & Beer Provisioning

Written by Noah Chanin.

Let us have your favorite beer or liquor waiting for you on your boat. We will arrange for the purchase and delivery of virtually any type of beer, liquor, and mixers. We can also arrange for pre-mixed cocktails such as Rum Punch. All beverages will be placed in a cooler with ice.

 Common Requests

We can source just about any type of beer or liquor imagineable. Most people stick to our short list, though.

Domestic Beer

  1. Bud
  2. Bud Light 
  3. Miller Genuine
  4. Miller Lite
  5. Coors
  6. Coors Light
  7. Sam Adams
  8. Sam Light

Import Beer

  1. Dos Equis
  2. Stella Artois
  3. Corona
  4. Corona Light
  5. Modelo
  6. Negro Modelo
  7. Heineken
  8. Amstel Light


  1. Bacardi
  2. Cruzan
  3. Captain Morgan
  4. Myers Dark
  5. Malibu
  6. Pyrat


  1. Jose Cuervo
  2. Patron
  3. Herradura


  1. Grey Goose
  2. Belvedere
  3. Absolut
  4. Smirnoff

Whiskey / Scotch/ Bourbon

  1. Jack Daniels
  2. Dewers
  3. Southern Comfort
  4. Johnny Walker
  5. Jameson
  6. Jim Beam


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