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Mahi Fishing in Florida is Hot!

on Monday, 08 October 2012. Posted in Fishing Reports

Good news boys and girls, our captains are reporting awesome mahi fishing (aka Dolphin Fishing) up and down both coasts of Florida. Not only are we catching a lot of Mahi, we're catching big ones too.

Captain Ralph on our Hollywood sportfishing boat Outta Control sent us these awesome photos last week. I lost count at about 30 dolphin between these two photos. Come on Ralph, leave some for the rest of us!

hollywood mahi fishing charters

hollywood dolphin fishing charter

And then there's Captain Mike on our Fort Lauderdale fishing charter boat Local Knowledge. He sent us this sweet picture of a young angler who caught a huge bull dolphin last week off of Fort Lauderdale. Always a cool feeling when the fish weighs more than you do!


We've also been getting reports from our Destin fishing fleet that they're finding a lot of Mahi up there too! Wow, I wish I were out fishing right now myself instead of writing these blog posts!!

Video: Guys go tuna fishing and capture amazing footage of dolphins

Written by Capt. Noah on Saturday, 11 August 2012. Posted in Fishing Photos & Videos

Wow. This has to be some of the best footage of dolphin porpoises ever captured.

Some fishing enthusiasts go tuna fishing in a center console off of Santa Cruz. They built a custom fishing enclosure for their GoPro camera that they could tow behind the boat presumably to get footage of the fish hitting their baits. Then some photogenic dolphin porpoises show up and you really have to see the video to understand how special the footage is.

I could watch this video on loop over and over again (minus the tuna part at least!).

dolphin porpoises underwater

Mahia Mahia Fishing in Fort Lauderdale

Written by Capt. Steve on Monday, 09 July 2012. Posted in Fishing Advice

Mahia Mahia Fishing in Fort Lauderdale

Mahia Mahia fishing in Fort Lauderdale (aka Mahi Mahi, Dolphinfish) is a tropical and subtropical fish species that's a South Florida favorite. It's name comes from the Hawaiian words meaning very strong. We catch Mahia Mahia in a variety of different ways, but primarily by trolling. When fishing for Mahia Mahia in Fort Lauderdale we typically use frozen ballyhoo or live baits, but mahia mahia can also be caught using bright colored lures.

Mahia Mahia is a delicious, mild fish that's often served grilled. Our favorite is blackened mahia mahia, which has a salty, spicy kick.

Typically, Mahia Mahia in Fort Lauderdale range from 15 to 30 pounds, but can grow to more than 40 pounds. They are one of the most beautifully colored fish in Fort Lauderdale, and truly in the entire ocean. They feature brilliant shades of yellow, blue, and green, with dazzling specks throughout.

Mahia Mahia fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale are one of our most popular requests, so please contact us if you are interested.

Dolphin (Mahi) Fishing in Florida

Written by Capt. Steve on Saturday, 21 January 2012. Posted in Fish Info


Miami DolphinDolphin Fishing (otherwise known as mahi mahi) fishing is a great recreational sport fish. Most fisherman will agree there isn't a prettier fish. Dolphin fish have bright gold bodies with a green and blue color. Males tend to grower larger than the females. The males are called bulls and the females cows. Florida is a hotspot for dolphin fish due to the warm waters and ever present food source made up of fish, crabs, and squid. When we see floating seaweed off the coast of Florida we know there is a good chance we can find mahi mahi beneath it. Birds feeding in the water is also a tell tale sign that dolphin fish might be around because where we find bait fish we find the larger fishing feeding on them. As soon as we hook a dolphin there's always a possibility the fish is going to put on a show by jumping right out of the water. It's an impressive sight to see a fish that can grow up to 80 lbs breach the surface of the ocean effortlessly. Down here in South Florida, we really enjoy our dolphin tacos or a nice dolphin reuben.

Sun Rise Dolphin Fishing

Written by Capt. Steve on Wednesday, 04 January 2012. Posted in Fishing Photos & Videos

Nice Healthy Box Full of Dolphin

dolphin box

The saying" The early bird gets the worm" looks to have some truth behind it.  These beautiful dolphin were caught just off of Fort Lauderdale during sunrise.  It's always nice to drive back into Port Everglades with a full box of fish!

Fort Lauderdale Dolphin Fishing

Written by Capt. Steve on Saturday, 17 December 2011. Posted in Fishing Reports

Nice Catch!

Fort Lauderdale Dolphin Fishing

Congratulations Derek and friends on a successful early morning catch.  These dolphin were caught trolling just offshore of Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale.  

Not Too Shabby for a Bunch of Canadians!

Written by Capt. Steve on Wednesday, 14 December 2011. Posted in Fishing Reports

An Awesome Day of Fishing off Miami Beach

image 3 3

Kudos to Jerred and his friends on a terrific day of fishing off Miami Beach.  The list of fish they caught is an extensive one including: Spanish Mackerel, Blackfin Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Sailfish, Bonita, and Mahi-mahi!  Everybody had an amazing time and we can't wait for them to visit us again down in Miami!

A Birthday Celebration in Miami

Written by Capt. Noah on Sunday, 11 December 2011. Posted in Fishing Reports

Our latest group of anglers on a VIP Fishing Charter in Miami made time for fishing and fun! They had a great time and the captain even showed off his singing skills with a smashing rendition of "Happy Birthday to You".

Prior to the celebrations they caught

  • Mahi Mahi
  • Kingfish
  • Bonitas

Happy Birthday from VIP!

Rougher Waters Still Yields Big Catches

Written by Capt. Steve on Tuesday, 06 December 2011. Posted in Fishing Reports

Sailfish Season Is Heating Up

sailfishThe recent gusting winds have created rougher than usual waters off the South Florida Coast, but it doesn't seem to have have affected the fishing too much.  All of our Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade County fishing charters are reporting great fishing at the point where there water changes color.  Debris and birds are also indicating large groups of fish.   Many of our Florida fishing captains are hauling in multiple dolphin and sailfish in short periods of time.  The Dolphin continue to bite around a depth of 200 feet and the sailfish at a depth of 100 feet.  We predict the good fishing to continue for weeks, as sailfish season heats up in South Florida!

South Florida Fishing Report

Written by Capt. Steve on Friday, 02 December 2011. Posted in Fishing Reports

Dolphin Are Biting and Sailfish Season is Beginning

dolphinAll of our South Florida Fishing Boats are telling us the same thing.  The dolphin are biting!   Our fishing captains are finding them in all depths from 100 feet to 500 feet, from Pompano Beach and Fort Lauderdale down to the Florida Keys.  Our fishing charters are cleaning up.  We are also getting reports that the sailfish season has begun and we are catching more fish every day.  We've seen them traveling in groups as well.  Good luck out on the water everybody.   

Cleaning Up in Miami

Written by Capt. Steve on Thursday, 01 December 2011. Posted in Fishing Reports

This could be you!

Cleaning Up in Miami

Kudos to Captain Ron on our Miami Fishing Boat for nailing a great catch for our guests! Dolphin Fishing and Kingfish fishing have been great in Miami lately. These guys will be eating well for a while!