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Wahoo Fishing in Florida

Written by Capt. Steve on Saturday, 21 January 2012. Posted in Fish Info

Miami WahooFound in tropical and subtropical oceans around the world, Wahoo (Acanthocybium Solandri) is a Scrombrid fish that is well-known to sports fishing enthusiasts for its incredible speed and delicious taste. The Hawaiians call them Ono and in the Hispanic areas of the Caribbean and Central America, they are called Peto.

Wahoo have elongated bodies covered in tiny, almost invisible scales. The back is an iridescent blue and the sides are silver with an irregular pattern of vertical blue bars that fade quickly after death. Large mouths have razor sharp teeth and both the upper and lower jaws are sharper in appearance than those of kingfish or Spanish mackerel. Among the fastest fish in the seas, Wahoo can swim up to 60mph and they grow rapidly in their first few years. These awesome predators have been recorded weighing as much as 180lbs and measuring 8.20ft in length.

Closely related to the king mackerel and the narrow-barred Spanish mackerel, Wahoo have some significant differences. There is a fold of skin that completely covers the mandible when their mouths are closed. Their teeth, although similar, are shorter and compacted together more closely. Occasionally people confuse the barracuda with Wahoo, but barracuda have scales that are far more prominent, their teeth are larger and sharper and they lack the caudal keels and blade-like features common in Wahoo.

These streamlined predators are usually solitary fish but can be found in groups of two or three. When conditions are suitable, they can congregate in large schools of hundreds. Smaller fish and squid make up their diet and their sharp teeth are used in a scissor-like manner. They are aggressive by nature, making them a highly prized sports fishing catch. They reach awesome sizes, can sometimes be caught relatively close to shore and they are always itching for a fight. Although they do not generally leap after being hooked, they are known for their incredible jumps when chasing bait fish. They will even attack your lure as you retrieve it from the water, getting really close to your face. Famous for their speed and the power of their first run, Wahoo can be annoying when trying to target larger game fish such as marlin or tuna. Here are some tips for you to have success when Wahoo fishing in Florida:

Tackle for Wahoo

For Wahoo, standard offshore trolling tackle works very well and you can troll using 100lbs braided line. Medium conventional tackle with 80lbs braid is effective when casting for them. Regardless of what outfit you are using, always use a wire leader and good quality equipment such as a Shimano Trinidad 30 for casting or an Accurate BX2 30 when trolling.

Bait for Wahoo

These fantastic fish can be caught on bait and lures. We much prefer using live bait.

Techniques for Wahoo

Wahoo are commonly caught while trolling. When targeting these fish, you should troll faster and closer to the boat than you would normally do for other species of fish. These fish have such incredible speed that it is impossible to troll too fast for them. This is how you can catch Wahoo in Florida:

  • Lures can be trolled behind the boat very effectively. If you are going fast enough, the Wahoo will not hesitate to strike them. Any lures that can be trolled rapidly will work such as Rapalas, swimming plugs, braid marauder or bonita lures. Some anglers like using plastic skirted lures for trolling, but Wahoo just shred them in short order and this can get expensive. When they are swimming near the surface, then they will sometimes take stickbaits or poppers.
  • Baits such as mackerel are a great temptation for Wahoo. They will certainly strike them but it can be difficult to hook them. Due to the fact that bait does not move as rapidly as lures, the fish will start inspecting them. They tend to notice the wire leader and become shy. You can use a fluorocarbon leader to reduce visibility and rig your bait correctly so it does not fall apart with each strike.

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