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Dolphin (Mahi) Fishing in Florida

Written by Capt. Steve on Saturday, 21 January 2012. Posted in Fish Info


Miami DolphinDolphin Fishing (otherwise known as mahi mahi) fishing is a great recreational sport fish. Most fisherman will agree there isn't a prettier fish. Dolphin fish have bright gold bodies with a green and blue color. Males tend to grower larger than the females. The males are called bulls and the females cows. Florida is a hotspot for dolphin fish due to the warm waters and ever present food source made up of fish, crabs, and squid. When we see floating seaweed off the coast of Florida we know there is a good chance we can find mahi mahi beneath it. Birds feeding in the water is also a tell tale sign that dolphin fish might be around because where we find bait fish we find the larger fishing feeding on them. As soon as we hook a dolphin there's always a possibility the fish is going to put on a show by jumping right out of the water. It's an impressive sight to see a fish that can grow up to 80 lbs breach the surface of the ocean effortlessly. Down here in South Florida, we really enjoy our dolphin tacos or a nice dolphin reuben.

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Steve was born in Bethesda, Maryland but has spent most of his life in South Florida.  Currently residing in Fort Lauderdale, Captain Steve is a partner in Ocean Brands LLC and operates VIP Fishing Charters.  Over the years Steve has cemented relationships with the top fishing captains and best fishing boats.  His mission when creating VIP Fishing Charters was to make sure every client has the best experience possible regardless of the conditions.  You can often times find Steve waiting at the dock after you arrive back from your fishing charter, making sure everyone had a great time and you caught a ton of fish!

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  • Matthew Neducsin

    Matthew Neducsin

    26 January 2012 at 00:49 |
    Wanted to find out about prices and species for a fortieth bday fishing excursion in late feb march...please call or email Matthew.Neducsin@gmail.com or call at 215 696 3119

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