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Kid Friendly Fishing Charters In Miami

Written by Capt. Steve on Wednesday, 08 August 2012. Posted in Fishing Advice

Family Fishing Charters

Booking a fishing a charter in Miami should be the highlight of a vacation or special occasion especially for the kids.  Any parrent knows that for the family to have a good time, the little kids need to have a great time.  The captains of our kid friendly charters in miami go the extra distance to make sure all of the kids on our fishing trips have a good time. 

The little things make all the difference.  I know a lot of our guides involve the kids in the selection of the color lures and bait they are using.  They instruct and explain to them why they are doing each step of the fishing process and how it's going to help successfully catch fish.  Some of our captain give the children fun nicknames and have expanded their jokes to include kid friendly ones.  Special invitations up to the bridge to help steer the boat is another small but meaningful jester kids love.

Families should not be stressed on a fishing charter, but should be totally relaxed and excited instead.  Parents tend to relax when they have confidence in the crew and the boat.  All over our family friendly fishing trips are on safe reliable boats with captains and crews we would trust with our own families.  Give us a call and we can arrange a fishing charter that fits your families needs.  Check out our pictures and it will be hard to find a photo without some kids with great big smiles on their faces.