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Today is National Rum Day

Written by Capt. Noah on Thursday, 16 August 2012. Posted in Miscellaneous

myers rumFishermen rejoice. Today is national rum day. Rum is to fishing like hot dogs are to baseball. Although if you're a novice, you may be better off sticking with beer or coke. Either way, Forbes magazine has a great article about different types of aged rums.

There's nothing like being out on the water and making yourself a delicious rum cocktail. My old favorite is the rum and coke AKA "Cuba Libre", but after a recent visit to Newport, RI, my long time favorite was eclipsed by the "Dark & Stormy". The Dark & Stormy is a delicious combination of dark rum and ginger beer. My favorite dark rum is Myers, which has a unique flavor that you either love or hate, but if you're in the hate it group, there are plenty of other dark rums out there to try, Goslings Black Seal is a little milder.

So if you're going on a fishing charter and have the wearwithall to throw back a cocktail or too, celebrate National Rum day with my new favorite drink.


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Capt. Noah

Capt. Noah

Noah is a United States Coast Guard licensed captain and PADI divemaster. He grew up in South Florida and has a passion for all things involving water. He is one of the rare bread of boaters who loves sailing and power boating. Noah sails competitvely and enjoys travelling, photography, and cooking. 


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