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VIDEO: Shark Fishing in Miami, FL

Written by Capt. Noah on Wednesday, 05 September 2012. Posted in Fishing Photos & Videos

Check out this great video of a group of anglers landing a hammerhead while shark fishing in Miami, FL.  This hammerhead is a beautiful fish and I'm always amazed by their size and power.

One of our most popular requests is shark fishing charters because many of our guests want the thrill of catching a shark. Besides hammerhead sharks, we also find quite a few other species of sharks near Miami, including bull sharks, thresher sharks, nurse sharks, and more.

Our Miami shark fishing charters are suitable for all types of groups and families. Our crew are experts at shark fishing and know how to safely handle these powerful creatures. We are also concerned with shark conservation and therefore comply with all Florida shark fishing regulations.

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Capt. Noah

Capt. Noah

Noah is a United States Coast Guard licensed captain and PADI divemaster. He grew up in South Florida and has a passion for all things involving water. He is one of the rare bread of boaters who loves sailing and power boating. Noah sails competitvely and enjoys travelling, photography, and cooking. 


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