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Amazing Fish Shaped Cloud

Written by Capt. Noah on Thursday, 21 March 2013. Posted in Fishing Photos & Videos

Check out this awesome photo taken by VIP's own Captain Tommy on Texas Wireline in Pompano Beach, Florida. Is it a sign from the fishing gods, or what?!


Cloud shaped like a sailfish

Gorgeous Wind Map

Written by Capt. Noah on Tuesday, 30 October 2012. Posted in Miscellaneous

Gorgeous Wind Map

This may look like a piece of modern art, but it's actually an experimental wind map designed by some clever folks over at hint.fm. By using live wind data from the National Digital Forecast Database, the map renders wind speed and wind direction. The screenshot above was taken the morning of Tuesday, October 30, 2012, the day after Hurricane Sandy made landfall in the northeastern United States.

I wish they had included sea surface wind, but this still gives a pretty good indication for what the coastal winds look like, which can be very helpful for fishing.

The map is showing west winds for South Florida which should help lay down the rough seas from the past week. We just had our first cold front in South Florida and you know what that means? Sailfish time. I'd recommend heading out on one of our charters in Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, or Miami.

Source: Hint.fm Wind Map

Sailfish Season

Written by Capt. Steve on Monday, 29 October 2012. Posted in Fish Info

The first cold front of the season has rolled in and the sailfish are officially biting in South Florida.  Sailfish season generally starts in November.  Sailfish migrate south as the water and air temperatures drop.  You'll tend to start seeing a lot of kites being flown from the fishing boats.  Kite fishing is a technique used with live bait that works very effectively in South Florida.  Call or inquire online and will give you the latest sailfish season report.

Fort Lauderdale Sailfish

Written by Capt. Steve on Tuesday, 16 October 2012. Posted in Fish Info

Fort Lauderdale Sailfish

Another beautiful Fort Lauderdale sailfish.   There's nothing like catching your first sailfish on a trip to Fort Lauderdale.  Some of our clients decide to mount these beautiful fish so they can share their memory with friends and family back home.  Great catch!

Fort Lauderdale Sailfish Fishing

Written by Capt. Steve on Tuesday, 16 October 2012. Posted in Fish Info

Fort Lauderdale Sailfish Fishing

We've love taking out whole families for a day of fishing in Fort Lauderdale.  Check out mom as she shows off her sailfish.  Our Fort Lauderdale fishing charter kept the whole family busy.  Fort Lauderdale Sailfish fishing really starts to heat up in November December when season starts.

Boca Raton Sailfishing

Written by Capt. Steve on Tuesday, 16 October 2012. Posted in Fish Info

Sailfishing in Boca Raton

Boca Raton Sailfishing


Pictured is a beautiful sailfish caught off the coast of Boca Raton.  Andre the mate on our Boca Raton fishing charter takes a quick picture with his client before releasing this sailfish.  Sailfishing in Boca Raton is best from December through March.  This Boca Raton sailfish was caught with live bait.  

Awesome Video of Sailfish Chasing a Dredge

Written by Capt. Noah on Wednesday, 15 February 2012. Posted in Fishing Photos & Videos

We can't get enough of GoPro cameras

Check out this sweet video montage of sailfish chasing a dredge outfitted with a GoPro camera. I especially like right around 4:10 seeing the other baitfish schooling with the dredge. So cool!

We've heard from our captains that they've been having good luck with sailfish fishing and dolphin fishing in Fort Lauderdale. We need to buy one of our boats a GoPro!

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Sailfish Fishing in Florida

Written by Capt. Steve on Saturday, 21 January 2012. Posted in Fish Info

Miami SailfishThere are two species of Sailfish (the Atlantic Sailfish and the Indo-Pacific Sailfish) that live in the warm waters of the world. They are members of the Istiophorus genus from the family of Istiophoridae. Their name is directly related to their huge dorsal fin that stretches the entire length of their back and resembles the sail from a sailboat. They have incredibly long bills and this is why they are considered billfish in sports fishing circles, along with marlins and swordfish. Sailfish are among the most popular big game fish caught in Florida.

Predominantly blue and gray, sailfish are also known to have black, purple, silver, subdued browns and green coloring. These are often highlighted by stripes of iridescent blue or silver specks. They grow quickly, as much as 1.20m and 1.50m in their first year. They can grow up to 3m in length and weigh as much as 200lbs when fully grown.

Kept to the side while swimming, and folded down, Sailfish are able to rise or lower their sail when they are excited or feeling threatened. This makes them appear bigger than they are and is a tactic used during feeding when they are herding groups of squid or smaller prey fish. Sailfish feed at mid-depth or on the surface and their diet consists of smaller pelagic fish such as tuna and mackerel, as well as squid.

Sailfish are extraordinary predators, with a few capabilities that they use highly effectively. They are among the fastest fish found anywhere in the world, reaching speeds nearing 70mph. Prey simply do not see them coming and if they do, they are unable to escape in time. In addition to this, Sailfish can change their colors almost instantly – a change controlled by their nervous system. They can quickly turn a light blue with yellowish stripes when excited, which completely confuses their prey and makes it easier to catch them. This characteristic also signals their intentions to their fellow Sailfish.

Any angler will confirm that Sailfish are a highly prized game fish. Their speed is absolutely breathtaking and they will leap high out of the water. They also hunt in schools, which mean that there is always a possibility of having a few of them on your lines at one time. When this happens and there are two or three (or more) Sailfish performing incredible leaps at the same time, anglers delight in the majestic and beautiful spectacle.

Among the easiest billfish to catch, Sailfish congregate in large numbers at different times of the year off the coasts of Panama, Costa Rica, Florida and Guatemala. Here is some information to help you with sailfish fishing in Florida:

Tackle for Sailfish

It is always a good idea to have tackle designed for deception. These intelligent fish are often successfully caught using kites, dredges and skirts. A conventional medium weight setup works well, but for trolling a 50lbs setup can be used (because something bigger may always bite). If pitching bait then a 30lbs setup will work. Quality spinning reels are good choices for pitching baits, and something like an Accurate BX2 30 for trolling.

Baits for Sailfish

Although Sailfish can be caught on lures and frozen bait, live bait works better by far. Small mackerel, tuna and squid are recommended. If using lures, then troll rubber skirts such as Zukers with 12in lures. Trolled plugs can work but Sailfish often throw treble hooks when jumping. Poppers are sometimes used but not very successfully because of their bony mouths and when Sailfish jump, they frequently spit them back at high speed.

Techniques for Sailfish

Our VIP Fishing Charters troll for Sailfish. Sometimes we locate them with lures and then throw them hooked bait when we see their dorsal fins chasing our lures. The best methods are definitely kites and dredges. This is how they work:

  • Dredge fishing relies on deceiving Sailfish. An umbrella-shaped device, the dredge is designed to hold multiple live baits which are attached to it and trolled through the water. This effect makes it appear as if a school of fish are swimming by, and that is something that a Sailfish finds irresistible. Larger predators – such as the Sailfish – have a higher chance of catching prey if they chase a school of fish as opposed to a solitary one.
  • Kite fishing is also reliant on deception. Live bait is attached to long lines. These are temporarily suspended from a kite that is flown behind the boat and are rigged to break free from the kite when the Sailfish takes your bait (so that they can be reeled in). The kite keeps the bait near the surface of the water and makes it look as if the fish is panicking or sick. Weakness in prey is a great temptation for any predator, including the sailfish.

Call today and book your Sailfish Fishing Charter in Florida and be exhilarated.




Jupiter Billfish Tournament Results

on Wednesday, 18 January 2012. Posted in Miscellaneous

Two Day Total of 39 Sailfish Wins Tournament

Jupiter Billfish Tournament Results

The Jupiter Billfish Tournament tourned to out to be another exciting event.  This year "Doing It All" took home the first place prize and close to $40K in prize money after catching 39 sailfish in the two day tournament!  The majority of the fish were caught off St. Lucie Inlet in 60 feet of water using live bait.  Congratulations to everyone that participated.

Pompano Beach Sailfishing

Written by Capt. Steve on Thursday, 05 January 2012. Posted in Fishing Reports

Starting to See the Sailfish Bite in Pompano Beach

sailfish catch

Take a look at this Sailfish caught out of Hillsboro Inlet in Pompano Beach!  We are starting to see sailfish season pick up and it is getting exciting

Boca, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach Fishing Report

Written by Capt. Steve on Tuesday, 03 January 2012. Posted in Fishing Reports

Sailfish, Kingfish, Dolphin, Cobia, Wahoo

Boca, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach Fishing Report

The first week of January should be an amazing week of Sailfishing from Boca Raton up to Boynton Beach.  If you really want to increase your chances of catching a sailfish we recommend catching or buying some live bait.  Everyone knows the sailfish can't resist those Goggle-eyes but any live bait should do the trick.  If you have the chance put out the kites and do some kite-fishing.  Besides being a great week for sailfishing expect to catch some dolphin, kingfish, cobia, skipjacks and blackfins.  Happy New Year and see you on the water!

Not Too Shabby for a Bunch of Canadians!

Written by Capt. Steve on Wednesday, 14 December 2011. Posted in Fishing Reports

An Awesome Day of Fishing off Miami Beach

image 3 3

Kudos to Jerred and his friends on a terrific day of fishing off Miami Beach.  The list of fish they caught is an extensive one including: Spanish Mackerel, Blackfin Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Sailfish, Bonita, and Mahi-mahi!  Everybody had an amazing time and we can't wait for them to visit us again down in Miami!

Rougher Waters Still Yields Big Catches

Written by Capt. Steve on Tuesday, 06 December 2011. Posted in Fishing Reports

Sailfish Season Is Heating Up

sailfishThe recent gusting winds have created rougher than usual waters off the South Florida Coast, but it doesn't seem to have have affected the fishing too much.  All of our Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade County fishing charters are reporting great fishing at the point where there water changes color.  Debris and birds are also indicating large groups of fish.   Many of our Florida fishing captains are hauling in multiple dolphin and sailfish in short periods of time.  The Dolphin continue to bite around a depth of 200 feet and the sailfish at a depth of 100 feet.  We predict the good fishing to continue for weeks, as sailfish season heats up in South Florida!

South Florida Fishing Report

Written by Capt. Steve on Friday, 02 December 2011. Posted in Fishing Reports

Dolphin Are Biting and Sailfish Season is Beginning

dolphinAll of our South Florida Fishing Boats are telling us the same thing.  The dolphin are biting!   Our fishing captains are finding them in all depths from 100 feet to 500 feet, from Pompano Beach and Fort Lauderdale down to the Florida Keys.  Our fishing charters are cleaning up.  We are also getting reports that the sailfish season has begun and we are catching more fish every day.  We've seen them traveling in groups as well.  Good luck out on the water everybody.   

Test Article

Written by Capt. Steve on Thursday, 01 December 2011. Posted in Miscellaneous




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