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Miami Boat Passenger Limit

Written by Capt. Noah on Thursday, 30 May 2013. Posted in Fishing Boats

Unfortunately, unless a vessel in Miami is authorized to carry more than six passengers by the United States Coast Guard, it may not. There are very few fishing boats that can comfortably transport more than six people and safety is the main priority. USCG safety regulations are in place for good reasons and our Miami Fishing Charters comply with them at all times.

This does not mean that groups consisting of more than six people are unable to experience deep sea fishing off the coast of Miami. We have a great deal of experience with accommodating large groups on our Miami Fishing Charters. There are two choices available to you and we tell you about each of them below:

Head boats, or party boats, are the first option. These boats are bigger than average and can transport more people. We have a 45ft Stapleton in our Miami fishing fleet that is allowed to carry over twenty people, and it does so comfortably. These types of boats typically take everyone drift fishing, which is very exciting. Once everyone is onboard, we take them out to sea where their engines are switched off and the boat is left to drift. Your group can throw their lines over the side and catch tasty, powerful fish such as grouper, snapper, jacks and various sea basses. There is a downside to this option though. Due to the size of the boat and the fact that it is drifting in the water, you will not be able to chase truly exhilarating big game fish offshore. The techniques required to catch them are also impossible to use when fishing this way.

Sportfish boats are the second option. Our Miami fishing fleet has a multitude of these smaller boats on offer and your group can split up and go out on several of them. These boats will allow you to get farther offshore where you can utilize specialized techniques to catch the most thrilling fish of all. These include mahi-mahi, swordfish, sailfish, shark, tuna, wahoo, kingfish and many others. The ability to get further from shore opens up so many options for you to catch large numbers of absolutely fascinating fish. There is a radio on every boat that keeps your group in constant contact, and we have fun and exciting activities to keep your group feeling as one. Our mini fishing tournament is easily the most popular and it involves groups competing against each other from different boats. Usually the goal is to catch the biggest fish, the most fish or a particular species of fish.

If you do not wish to split your group up then we can customize the perfect drift fishing charter for your group in Miami. We recommend choosing the sportfish option if you can. Many more fish can be caught and the experience is far more thrilling. Either way, your Miami Fishing Charter will be an adventure you will remember.

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Fort Lauderdale Boat Passenger Limit

Written by Capt. Noah on Thursday, 30 May 2013. Posted in Fishing Boats

There are very few fishing boats in Fort Lauderdale that are allowed to carry more than six passengers. The United States Coast Guard has set this rule to maximize all life at sea, both yours and those already living there. Safety has always been the most important aspect of any deep sea fishing charter, and our Fort Lauderdale Fishing Charters make no exceptions to this rule.

If your group consists of more than six people, then we can still take them out to sea for an explosive fishing adventure. We are highly experienced at accomplishing this with ease and there are two ways that we can do it:

  • Only USCG “inspected” vessels are allowed to transport more than six passengers and we have a 45ft Stapleton in our Fort Lauderdale fleet that meets this criteria. It is authorized to carry over twenty people. This is our standard head boat, or party boat, and is set up for drift fishing. Everybody climbs onboard and we head out to sea where we switch off the engines. Lines are thrown overboard and your group can have an exciting time catching as many fish as possible. Usually they catch fish such as snappers, groupers, sea basses, jacks and others. This does limit everyone in the types of fish that can be caught. Due to the fact that the boat is drifting, it is impossible to chase big game fish offshore. It is also very difficult to use any of the techniques that these fish require.
  • The other alternative is to split your group up and go out on various sportfish boats in our Fort Lauderdale fleet. These boats are smaller and can chase fish farther offshore. They are able to move around and specialized techniques can be used easily. You can catch truly thrilling fish from these boats, including fish such as tuna, swordfish, sailfish, shark, mahi-mahi, kingfish, wahoo and others. The boats are in constant radio contact with each other and we have various activities that will keep your group together. The most popular of these is our mini fishing tournament where groups compete from different boats for the most fish, the biggest fish or a specific type of fish.

We recommend using multiple sportfish boats for groups on our Fort Lauderdale Fishing Charters. There are so many options available to you and you have the opportunity to catch larger numbers of more exciting fish. If you group needs to remain together on one boat, then we can certainly customize the perfect drift fishing charter for you in Fort Lauderdale.

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