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Dry Tortugas Fishing Charter Boat

Written by Capt. Steve on Monday, 08 October 2012. Posted in Fishing Boats

Luxury Fishing Trip in the Dry Tortugas

VIP Fishing Charters is proud to offer a luxury fishing charter to the Dry Tortugas.  The Dry Torgugas are a small group of islands located at the end of the Florida Keys, about 70 miles west of Key West.  The Islands were discovered in 1513 by Ponce de Leon and provide some of the best fishing grounds imaginable.

Our Dry Tortugas luxury sportfishing boat is a six year old 42' Silverton Convertible.  This boat is fast and can reach the Dry Tortugas from Key West within 3 hours.  Two staterooms can accommodate a total of four guests as well as the captain and the mate.  

The 3 day 2 night Dry Tortogas fishing charter is the perfect getaway.  Guest can choose from  a tour of the historic fort, diving the exotic reefs and crystal clear waters or go straight to the world class fishing.  The crew would be happy to cook your fresh catch for dinner on the boat.    

Below are some pictures of our Dry Tortugas fishing boat.




















Mahi Fishing in Florida is Hot!

on Monday, 08 October 2012. Posted in Fishing Reports

Good news boys and girls, our captains are reporting awesome mahi fishing (aka Dolphin Fishing) up and down both coasts of Florida. Not only are we catching a lot of Mahi, we're catching big ones too.

Captain Ralph on our Hollywood sportfishing boat Outta Control sent us these awesome photos last week. I lost count at about 30 dolphin between these two photos. Come on Ralph, leave some for the rest of us!

hollywood mahi fishing charters

hollywood dolphin fishing charter

And then there's Captain Mike on our Fort Lauderdale fishing charter boat Local Knowledge. He sent us this sweet picture of a young angler who caught a huge bull dolphin last week off of Fort Lauderdale. Always a cool feeling when the fish weighs more than you do!


We've also been getting reports from our Destin fishing fleet that they're finding a lot of Mahi up there too! Wow, I wish I were out fishing right now myself instead of writing these blog posts!!

Luxury Fishing Charter on a 65' Viking Sportfish

Written by Capt. Noah on Monday, 08 October 2012. Posted in Fishing Boats

Luxury Fishing Charter on a 65' Viking Sportfish
  • Shaded fishing cockpit to keep you cool
  • Spacious, air-conditioned salon perfect for entertaining
  • All inclusive pricing is easy for corporate clients on expense accounts

OK, I'll admit it, I'm a boat snob. I've grown up on boats, my family is in the marine business, and I've seen a lot of awesome boats ranging from small, nimble sailing boats to 450 foot private mega yachts. As such, it takes something a little extra to get me excited. When I first saw the 65' Viking "Platinum Edition" sport fishing yacht my heart started racing faster, I thought could this be the ultimate fishing yacht for our VIP corporate clients ?

"What does the platinum edition mean?" I asked the captain.

"You'll see."

Starting from the stern, the fishing cockpit is huge. It is thoughtfully covered with a large top to keep you cool and shaded from the beating Florida sun. Forward of the cockpit there's mezzanine seating so guests that aren't fishing can get a birds eye view of all the action.

The flybridge offers spectacular views and features another huge space for guests to relax and lounge in true VIP comfort. The helm features a brand new state of the art electronics and navigation package giving the captain an unfair advantage to find where the fish are hiding. The bridge deck is high and dry and is truly the place to be on the ride out.

Just forward of the fishing cockpit you'll find the beautifully appointed main salon where there's a ton of space for entertaining. There's a large leather sofa, flat screen TV, dining area and galley (kitchen).

Down a flight of stairs are three staterooms, accommodations include a huge master stateroom which features a private den appointed with a leather couch, book shelves and a flat screen TV. The second spacious stateroom is to starboard and is equipped with another private head. Forward is the third stateroom offering comfy V berth accommodations.

Many of our clients want and need more then just a fishing boat when they're entertaining their guests and this magnificent sport fishing yacht is the perfect platform to do just that, mission accomplished!

As for the fishing, the captain and crew have been fishing the beautiful gulf stream waters off South Florida, the Bahamas and the fabulous Florida Keys for their entire lives and have been professional captains for decades. They both have great personalities and are comfortable dealing with VIPs and celebrities.

On a typical trip, expect to catch anything from sailfish, swordfish, tuna, mahi, kingfish, wahoo and more. Your crew will happily clean, fillet and package your catch and if you'd like, they can even have one of our local waterside restaurants prepare dinner where you can dine on your catch of the day (what a great way to end your day of corporate entertaining).

As I'm writing this article the yacht is completing a refit, where additional upgrades to the mechanical equipment are being made and she is getting fresh bottom paint and top to bottom detailing. It's hard to imagine that this yacht could be any nicer, but the captain and owner have high standards, which frankly is what we demand for yachts of this level.

One of the most exciting things about this sport fishing yacht is the charter price. Typically, yacht charters are quoted with a base price plus crew fees, catering and all the other expenses associated with chartering. Our corporate clients particularly those who are utilizing expense accounts need to have an all in price. We've worked with the owner to create an "all inclusive" price that includes not only the boat and crew, but also includes a continental breakfast and lunch service as well as ice cold beer bottled water and soft drinks. But don't worry, we can accomodate special requests such as additional catering with server, ground transportation and even a video photographer to capture your clients and guests sport fishing adventure.

Our all inclusive price is for up to eight hours and can be billed in advance right to your credit card. There's a twenty mile maximum range, which is more than adequate for most trips.

The boat is docked in Aventura, Florida, but can easily pickup guests at other marinas and hotels from Fort Lauderdale to Miami (additional delivery and/or landing fees, may apply).

For more information check out our online brochure at Miami Luxury Fishing Charter

Fishing Charter Directory

Written by Capt. Noah on Saturday, 06 October 2012. Posted in Fishing Boats

In our efforts to find the best fishing boats, fishing captains, and fishing guides around, we've noticed that there really isn't a complete list of all the fishing boats in Florida, and certiainly not for the rest of the United States or the world.

There seem to be a number of fishing directory sites out there, but a lot of them have outdated information or require a fee for listing, which discourages participation.

We've decided to compile our own fishing charter directory using the information we find on and offline. We're also going to set it up so that users can post to the directory as well. Hopefully, over time this will grow into a good resource for anglers. We feel it would be helpful to have a comprehensive directory with boat names, boat types, boat sizes, and reviews of fishing charters. Since we don't represent or recommend every charter out there, we think it would be good for people to have access to an independent site where they can freely post reviews and see all the boats available in a given area.

Building a directory like this is a side project so please be patient as we work out the kinks. Our main business remains finding the best fishing charters out there, so if you are looking to go fishing in a specific location please give us a call!

Sport Fishing Miami

Written by Capt. Steve on Tuesday, 25 September 2012. Posted in Miscellaneous

Sport Fishing In Miami

Sport Fishing Miami is one of the most popular attractions and tourist draws to the city.  Sport fishing actually means fishing as a sport not to survive or for a profession.  Any type of fishing for recreation can be considered sport fishing.  Just like hunting, fishing is considered a sport.

The different types of sport fishing in Miami are bass and freshwater fishing, fly fishing, saltwater fishing,  pier fishing, and deep sea fishing.  Most of the time in Miami Sport Fishing you are competing against yourself to catch the biggest and most fish. The most competitive type of Miami sport fishing is a fishing tournament.  Anglers from all over the Miami-Dade county compete in different fishing tournaments through out the year.

Each type of sport fishing in Miami is unique and requires a specific skill set.  One might think that freshwater sport fishing in Miami would be a lot easier than deep sea sport fishing, but each requires a ton of skill and ability.  Miami is unique in which it offers almost every type of sport fishing.  

VIP Fishing Charters can arrange any type of Miami Sport Fishing.  We are not bias to any kind in particular and work with only the best sport fishing charters and guides in Miami.  Join us for a sport fishing trip and let us help you compete in what we consider the best sport in the world!


Fishing Trips Miami

Written by Capt. Steve on Tuesday, 25 September 2012. Posted in Fishing Reports

Miami Fishing Trips

Miami is great destination for anglers looking for a variety of fishing trips.  The unique ecosystem of Miami provides a variety of fishing trips available.  There a three main type of fishing trips in Miami and within each of those are a separate set up trips an angler can choose from.

The first type of fishing trip in Miami is an offshore deepsea fishing trip.  These trips take passengers out in the ocean off the coast of Miami. Available offshore fishing trips include Miami sailfish trips, Miami swordfish trips, wreck and reef fishing trips for snapper and grouper, and even shark fishing trips.

Another type of fishing trip in Miami is the inshore bay fishing trip.  On these types of fishing trips anglers can fish in Biscayne Bay never having to venture out in to the Atlantic Ocean.  Some of these Miami fishing trips target tarpon, snook and jacks.  We often suggest this type of fishing trip in Miami for small groups or families with young children.

The third fishing trip available in Miami is a flats trip.  These Miami fishing trips are perfect for two or few anglers.  We consider flats fishing sight fishing because the guide leading the fishing trips actually spots the fish in the shallow waters off the Miami shore.  This is a unique fishing trip to Miami and few other location in Florida.

All of these types of fishing trips are also available with fly fishing gear for fly fishing enthusiasts.  Check out all of our different miami fishing trip options!

VIDEO: Fisherman gets pulled overboard by a Marlin

Written by Capt. Noah on Tuesday, 25 September 2012. Posted in Fishing Photos & Videos

File this one in the "oh sh#t" department. Marlin fishing can be pretty intense apparently.

You can skip the first 2.5 minutes of this video and fast forward right to 2:50. The mate is trying to land a blue marlin that they've been fighting. He wraps his hand around the line to get a better grip and it looks like a combination of the boat rocking and the fish fighting causes him to fall overboard. His hand stays tangled in the line as he's swept further back behind the boat. Fortunately he was able to free himself and get back on the boat and laugh it off with injuries only to his pride. Kinda funny that everyone just keeps fishing after.

From what I could see in the video he was properly holding the fishing line with his right hand, but it looks like when he switched to his left he got an extra wrap around his palm, which ultimately snagged him up. You always want to handle fishing line carefully and never wrap it, or any other rope or line that's under load, around any part of your body.

I also think the crew of this boat could use a little extra safety training in man overboard response. If someone does fall overboard the crew should always respond by yelling "Man Overboard" and immediately throwing any floating objects, preferably a life ring or life jacket, in the water. This helps in two ways - 1 it provides something buoyant for the MOB to hold onto, and two, it helps the captain navigate back to the area that the person fell overboard in. It's also important for at least one person to keep a constant eye on the man overboard and keep a finger pointing to them at all times. All in all, the captain did respond very quickly by backing the boat down, and fortunately the MOB was not injured and hopped back in through the door.

Like most sports, fishing is generally very safe, but it's important to remain alert and avoid situations that could turn into trouble.

Fishing Guides Miami

Written by Capt. Steve on Monday, 24 September 2012. Posted in Miscellaneous

Miami Fishing Guides

There are over one hundred fishing guides in the Miami area.  The best fishing guides in Miami have been fishing the local waters for years.  There's no other way to become an expert at anything including fishing without constant practice and repetition.  What makes a great fishing guide is first of all being able to catch a lot fish that you want to target.  Fishing guides in Miami usually have a specialty.   Some examples of types of Miami fishing guides are: deep sea fishing guides, inshore and bay fishing guides, and flats guides.  A fishing guide specializing in one of these types of fishing may not excel at a different type of fishing.  Making sure you choose the right type of fishing guide is important to the overall success of your fishing charter.

Another important characteristic for a Miami fishing guide to have is a personality to match your groups.  If you are a novice angler who has never been fishing before, a fishing guide who enjoys teaching and has a lot of patience would be a good fit.  Some of the best fishing guides are very intense and competitive but don't have the patience to teach newbies.  We have Miami fishing guides with range of personalities to fit all sorts of clients.  Some anglers want fun and jovial guides while other want more intense serious guides.

Get in contact with us so we can find out your needs and match you with the perfect fishing guide!

Miami Fishing Charters Price

Written by Capt. Steve on Monday, 24 September 2012. Posted in Tourist Info

The price for a Miami fishing charter can have a dramatic range.  Miami fishing charter prices depend on many different factors.  Some of the factors include: type of boat, length of trips, location, bait, catering and demand for the charter.  Typically smaller boats in Miami such as flats or bay boats are the cheapest.  These boats burn a lot less fuel then other boats in Miami and do not have any crew members besides the captain.  The price for this type of fishing charter usually start around $400 for a half day and goes up to $6oo for a full day.  The center consoles in Miami would be the next step up from the bay and flats boat.  They are typically a little larger and can go out in the ocean for deep sea fishing.  The price for these center console trips begin around $500 for a half day and go up to $800 for a full day.  For larger groups it probably makes sense to charter a sportfish style boat in Miami.  These boats can hold up to 6 people and usually have a bathroom on-board.   These Miami boats range from $700 for a half day up to $1200 for a full day.  The price is higher for the sportfish style boats because they normally have a two man crew, burn more gas and have higher maintenance expenses and dockage fees.

The prices for our Miami fishing charters have a wide range but are always competitive for the quality of the charter you are getting.  For example a 65' luxury viking is going to cost a lot more than a 45' older Hatteras.  We have a good selection of boats to meet all of our clients budgets and needs.  Miami fishing charters prices can also go up if you add on catering, stewards, and drinks.  Customary gratuity is typically 15% to 20% of the miami fishing charter price.  Let us help you find the perfect charter that fits your budget.  Here are a few of our Miami charter options.

Miami Corporate Fishing Charters

Written by Capt. Steve on Monday, 24 September 2012. Posted in Miscellaneous

Corporate Fishing Charters In Miami

Our corporate fishing charters in Miami are a step above the competitions.  VIP Fishing Charters truly differentiates itself from all of the fishing charter operations in Miami when it comes to corporate and higher end fishing trips.  We understand the importance of cooperate fishing charters in Miami.  The quality of the fishing charter reflects upon the person in charge of booking it.  We make sure our Miami fishing charter captains bend over backwards to make sure you and your corporate guests have an amazing time and catch a lot of fish.

Catering is available on all of our Miami corporate fishing charters.  We can pretty much arrange any type of catering our guests request ranging from deli sandwiches, to sushi platters, to filet mignon.  If needed we can even provide a steward who will be in charge of serving food and beverage to the passengers on our Miami corporate fishing charter.

For larger corporate charters in Miami we like to hold mini fishing tournaments between multiples boats.  This keeps large groups on separate boats connected with one another and builds team comradery.  

If your corporate fishing trip is looking for some wow factor allow us to arrange a banner plane to fly over top your fishing boat with a slogan or message you would like the passengers to see.  No request is too much for us at VIP Fishing Charters.  Your satisfaction is our number one priority on your corporate fishing charter.  Click here to view some of our Miami Coorporate fishing boats.


Miami Air Conditioned Fishing Charters And Boats

Written by Capt. Steve on Monday, 24 September 2012.

Air Conditioned Fishing Boats in Miami

All of our fishing charters in Miami on our sportfish style boats are air conditioned.  Although we usually have a nice breeze off the ocean it can still get pretty warm in the summer months.  We've made sure that all of the boats we book have working AC on board.  Believe it or not there are some boats that advertise air conditioning but will either not run it to save on fuel or its broken and they won't bother fixing it.

Although most of our clients spend the majority of the day outside on the bridge or stern of the boat is nice to have the option of stepping in an air-conditioned salon and cooling off.  Anglers need to re-cooperate after reeling in a big trophy fish.  It's also nice to be able to eat lunch inside an airconditioned boat.  Check out all of our airconditioned fishing charters in Miami.

Miami Night Fishing Charters and Trips

Written by Capt. Steve on Monday, 24 September 2012. Posted in Fishing Advice

Night Fishing Charters and Trips in Miami

VIP Fishing Charters offers night fishing trips out of Miami.  We recommend our Miami night fishing charters for adults and more experienced anglers.  Miami night time fishing charters aren't for everybody but they do have their benefits.  Fishing at night in Miami is a good option if you are looking to avoid the heat of the day.  It also gives anglers the opportunity to fish after a busy work day.  There is something very peaceful and calming about being out on the water at night with moon and stars above your head.  The lack of boats out at night is also a nice benefit.  

The majority of our night time fishing charters in Miami depart at dusk and can go as long as you like in to the night.  Popular Miami nighttime fishing trips include wreck and reef fishing, shark fishing, swordfishing, and inshore fishing for snook and tarpon.  We do not recommend nightime fishing trips in Miami for young kids.  Give us a call and we can recommend some good night time fishing charters in the Miami area or check out some of our Miami Fishing Boats.

What Fish Are Biting In Miami

Written by Capt. Steve on Monday, 24 September 2012. Posted in Fish Info

What Fish Are In Season In Miami

People from all over the world are continually asking us "What fish are biting in Miami right now?"  There are a lot of fish in Miami that we can catch year round and others migrate through the waters off of Miami.  Below is a list of the best times to catch certain types of Fish in Miami.   Remember the months I am listing are the absolute best it doesn't mean we don't catch a lot of them the rest of the year.  Before and after each of the months below are still normally good times to catch these fish in Miami.

Best time to catch these fish in Miami and Miami fishing seasons:

Miami Amberjack Season: March April June

Miami Blackfin Tuna Season: March April October November

Miami Bonefish: April May June September October November

Miami Dolphin Mahi Season: April May June July

Miami Grouper Season: March April May June July August

Miami King Mackeral Season: October November December January February March

Miami Permit Season: May June July December

Miami Sailfish Season: December January February March

Miami Snook Season: September October November February March April May

Miami Tarpon Season: March April May June

Miami Wahoo Season: June July August September

Miami Yellowtail Snapper Season: June

 Miami Shark Season: Year round

Miami Swordfish Season: Year round

Don't forget to check out the best boats in Miami to catch these fish on!

Miami Fishing Charter Reviews

Written by Capt. Steve on Monday, 24 September 2012. Posted in Fishing Advice

Fishing Charter Reviews for Miami FL

If you are unfamiliar with the fishing charters in Miami it would definitely help with there were some Miami fishing charter reviews.  Unfortunately in todays society unbiased reviews for any service related industry are hard to come by.  The same holds true for fishing charters in Miami.  There are plenty of great fishing charter operations located in Miami, but some are definitely better than others.  We could write unbiased reviews for each fishing charter in Miami but I'd have to install extra locks and my doors at home because I'd probably piss of a few Miami captains.  

If you truly want some Miami fishing charter reviews give us a call and we'll kindly tell you what are thoughts are regarding each deep sea fishing charter offered in the Miami area.  More importantly we can recommend some of the best deep sea fishing captains and boats.  We get feedback from our clients on daily basis so we know how successful each boat is, how the crew treated the clients, and what the passengers thought of the overall fishing charters operation they booked out of Miami.  Click "here Miami Fishing Charters" to see some of our best and most successful charters in Miami and as I mentioned before if you want a review of a specific fishing charter in Miami doesn't hesitate to call us.

Best Fishing Charters in Boca Raton

Written by Capt. Steve on Monday, 24 September 2012. Posted in Fish Info

Best Deep Sea Fishing Trips and Charters in Boca Raton

If you are looking for the best fishing charters in Boca Raton, FL you have come to the right place.  Our Boca Raton fishing charters are hands down some of the best in the area.  We only use reputable captains and clean safe boats.  My top 4 pics for best fishing boats in Boca Raton would be Killin Time, Quetzal, Ringside and Conched Out.  All of these Boca Raton charters have years of experience, great reputations and nice boats.  For larger parties go with one of our Boca Raton sportfish style boats that hold up to 6 passengers and for smaller groups check out the center console we offer.  

You are probably asking yourself how do we know which of the fishing charters offered in Boca Raton is the best.  Well through recommendations, research, first hand experience and client feedback we have narrowed our choices the the Boca Raton fishing boats mentioned above.  All of these charters are consistently catching fish including, sailfish, swordfish, shark, tuna, wahoo, grouper, snapper and more.  Click "Here" to see some of the best fishing charter options in Boca Raton, FL.

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