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5 Hours of Fishing For the Price of 4

Written by Capt. Noah on Friday, 25 January 2013. Posted in Fishing Boats



Thinking about booking a fishing charter in Fort Lauderdale or Miami? How's this for an incentive: book a charter on select boats between now and February 15, 2013 and mention this ad and we'll throw in an extra hour of fishing at no additional charge.

This is a full extra hour out at sea, which will give you the chance to catch many more fish. It's sailfish season so make the most of it!

The fine print: Charters must be booked by 2/15/13. New bookings only. Select vessels only. Subject to availability. 

Fort Lauderdale Bachelor Party Fishing

Written by Capt. Steve on Tuesday, 30 October 2012. Posted in Tourist Info

Fort Lauderdale Bachelor Party Fishing

Fort Lauderdale is a great bachelor party destination.  Fort Lauderdale offers all the attractions, restaurants, bars and clubs that Miami does but without all the hassle.  Fishing charters are a great option for a day time activity in between wild nights of partying.  With in a couple mile radius of downtown Fort Lauderdale you have everything you need for a long weekend.  Bachelor parties can walk or pay a small cab fare to access everything Fort Lauderdale has to offer.  I recommend booking a hotel a the W Fort Lauderdale.  There are two great bars located right on the premises.  The pool area has a great scene during the day and the beach is right across the street.  For dinner head to Las Olas Boulevard and choose from dozens of great restaurants.  After dinner you can walk downtown where there is a large selection of bars and clubs that get pretty busy on the weekend.  

After a long night of partying try not to waste the day away.  Book one of our fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale.  All of our bachelor party fishing charters allow BYOB, so bring some beers on board and will chill them on ice for the Bachelor.  Our captains and crew are super fun to spend the day with and most importantly they catch a ton of fish.  We can arrange multiple boats for larger bachelor parties.  We often put on a mini tournament between the two boats.  You can't go wrong with a little competition amongst friends.  After a long day of fishing we'll clean your fish at the dock and recommend some nice restaurants where you can enjoy your fresh catch!

Luxury Fishing Charter on a 65' Viking Sportfish

Written by Capt. Noah on Monday, 08 October 2012. Posted in Fishing Boats

Luxury Fishing Charter on a 65' Viking Sportfish
  • Shaded fishing cockpit to keep you cool
  • Spacious, air-conditioned salon perfect for entertaining
  • All inclusive pricing is easy for corporate clients on expense accounts

OK, I'll admit it, I'm a boat snob. I've grown up on boats, my family is in the marine business, and I've seen a lot of awesome boats ranging from small, nimble sailing boats to 450 foot private mega yachts. As such, it takes something a little extra to get me excited. When I first saw the 65' Viking "Platinum Edition" sport fishing yacht my heart started racing faster, I thought could this be the ultimate fishing yacht for our VIP corporate clients ?

"What does the platinum edition mean?" I asked the captain.

"You'll see."

Starting from the stern, the fishing cockpit is huge. It is thoughtfully covered with a large top to keep you cool and shaded from the beating Florida sun. Forward of the cockpit there's mezzanine seating so guests that aren't fishing can get a birds eye view of all the action.

The flybridge offers spectacular views and features another huge space for guests to relax and lounge in true VIP comfort. The helm features a brand new state of the art electronics and navigation package giving the captain an unfair advantage to find where the fish are hiding. The bridge deck is high and dry and is truly the place to be on the ride out.

Just forward of the fishing cockpit you'll find the beautifully appointed main salon where there's a ton of space for entertaining. There's a large leather sofa, flat screen TV, dining area and galley (kitchen).

Down a flight of stairs are three staterooms, accommodations include a huge master stateroom which features a private den appointed with a leather couch, book shelves and a flat screen TV. The second spacious stateroom is to starboard and is equipped with another private head. Forward is the third stateroom offering comfy V berth accommodations.

Many of our clients want and need more then just a fishing boat when they're entertaining their guests and this magnificent sport fishing yacht is the perfect platform to do just that, mission accomplished!

As for the fishing, the captain and crew have been fishing the beautiful gulf stream waters off South Florida, the Bahamas and the fabulous Florida Keys for their entire lives and have been professional captains for decades. They both have great personalities and are comfortable dealing with VIPs and celebrities.

On a typical trip, expect to catch anything from sailfish, swordfish, tuna, mahi, kingfish, wahoo and more. Your crew will happily clean, fillet and package your catch and if you'd like, they can even have one of our local waterside restaurants prepare dinner where you can dine on your catch of the day (what a great way to end your day of corporate entertaining).

As I'm writing this article the yacht is completing a refit, where additional upgrades to the mechanical equipment are being made and she is getting fresh bottom paint and top to bottom detailing. It's hard to imagine that this yacht could be any nicer, but the captain and owner have high standards, which frankly is what we demand for yachts of this level.

One of the most exciting things about this sport fishing yacht is the charter price. Typically, yacht charters are quoted with a base price plus crew fees, catering and all the other expenses associated with chartering. Our corporate clients particularly those who are utilizing expense accounts need to have an all in price. We've worked with the owner to create an "all inclusive" price that includes not only the boat and crew, but also includes a continental breakfast and lunch service as well as ice cold beer bottled water and soft drinks. But don't worry, we can accomodate special requests such as additional catering with server, ground transportation and even a video photographer to capture your clients and guests sport fishing adventure.

Our all inclusive price is for up to eight hours and can be billed in advance right to your credit card. There's a twenty mile maximum range, which is more than adequate for most trips.

The boat is docked in Aventura, Florida, but can easily pickup guests at other marinas and hotels from Fort Lauderdale to Miami (additional delivery and/or landing fees, may apply).

For more information check out our online brochure at Miami Luxury Fishing Charter

Destin Fishing Charters

Written by Capt. Noah on Wednesday, 15 August 2012. Posted in Miscellaneous

destin fishing boat back down 2 3 720

Over the last several months we have been expanding VIP Fishing Charters throughout the State of Florida. In total we are now in over 100 cities and the list keeps growing. Our mission has remained the same of helping our customers identify the best fishing charters in a given area and giving them expert unbiased advice on planning their fishing trip.

In addition to our VIP Fishing Charters website, we are also creating city specific websites such as Destin Fishing Charters. Here, we have a unique site with unique information tailored specifically to fishing in Destin.

We've taken a lot of cues from our VIP Fishing Charters site, such as providing providing large fishing photos and clear information. We've added additional features like interactive maps showing where our Destin fishing boats are located, as well as better fish information pages with great Destin fishing photos showing off the different fish. We've also incorporated our on page fishing quote request form to save people a step of having to click to another page to make an inquiry.

So, if you're considering planning a fishing trip in the Destin area, stop by our new site, or just click on over to our Destin page on our main site. We have two of the best fishing boats in Destin with great captains and crew.

Local Knowledge Fishing Charters Fort Lauderdale, FL Review

Written by Capt. Noah on Monday, 06 August 2012. Posted in Fishing Reports

The A-Dock of Bahia Mar Marina is the long time home of Fort Lauderdale’s sport fishing fleet. Here, two dozen or more sport fishing boats entice tourists with mounted sharks, dolphin, sailfish, and more, whetting want to be anglers appetites for the bounties that the Atlantic Ocean has to offer.

Unfortunately, rumors about unscrupulous fishing charter operations abound. Even as a professional fishing concierge, the task of trying to select the best of these boats is daunting, because if you look at them as most visitors do, just by walking down the docks, it’s hard to notice anything that sets them apart. The oft manipulated Yelp and Google reviews aren’t much help, nor are the hotel concierges who are usually on the take. You’ll notice that some of the boats have a few more rust stains than others, but although this is somewhat of a reflection for how much pride a captain takes in maintaining his boat, what’s really important is the crew.

mike guests 250x188After walking the docks and shooting the sh#t with captains and mates on different boats, I reached the southern end of A Dock and struck up a casual conversation with Captain Mike Johnson on the sport fishing vessel Local Knowledge. Twenty seconds into my conversation with Mike, I realized something was a little odd. Besides the fact that he was a friendly guy and could compose grammatically correct sentences (that’s something new for A dock), Mike was singing a song very, very different than the other Captains on the dock.

“I heard the mahi are running today,” I told him.

He laughed. “Oh yeah, who told you that?”

“A few of the guys down there told me,” I told him pointing north past the Jungle Queen reservations office. (Side note: although the Jungle Queen is the biggest tourist trap Fort Lauderdale has to offer, I highly recommend it!)

“Listen, man,” Mike responded, looking at me straight in the eye. “I would love to take you out fishing today, but that’s total bullsh#t about the Mahi. You are probably not going to catch one today. We can try, but they’ve been running far offshore and even on a full day charter, we probably couldn’t find them. If you want to catch Mahi, give me your number and I’ll text you when I know they’re back.”


A few weeks later, I got a text from Mike. It said, “Mahi are back! Call me! It’s Capt. Mike.”

I went out on a trip with him and we had a great time. We caught a few Mahi, although not quite as many as I had hoped, but we also spent time kite fishing and landed a beautiful sailfish. All in all, for a four hour trip, I was happy with the catch. Unless you’re on a tight budget or limited for time, I think a six hour or eight hour trip is much preferable to a four.

Mike was extremely personable and you can tell he just likes talking to people. His mate Brandon was equally fun. Both of them were extremely knowledgeable and easy to get along with.

We had lines in the water just a few minutes outside the channel and we spent our entire time trolling. This is a notable thing about Local Knowledge and Mike’s attitude in general. He will move his boat around as much as he needs to in order to get you on the fish. This is a departure from several other fishing charters I’ve been on in Fort Lauderdale and elsewhere where it becomes pretty apparent that the Captain is trying to conserve fuel. On my day on Local Knowledge, we drove by other fishing boats a few times, clearly due to the fact that they were idling around a specific spot, while we tried different spots and speeds.

Mike’s boat, a 43’ Hatteras, I believe built in the 80s, is spacious and well equipped for fishing. It’s not luxurious, after all not many charter boats are, but it is clean and comfortable. The boat is in above average shape, and recently, Mike has undertaken some improvements that really make the boat stand out at the dock, including replacing windows and doors that were in need of some TLC.

All the equipment on Local Knowledge is high quality and in good shape. And more importantly, Brandon and Mike know how to use it all to their maximum advantage.

It was after the trip that I revealed to Mike that I was starting a business for reviewing and directing people to the best fishing charters.

“I’m in,” Mike responded, without asking any more questions. Again, his positive attitude shining through.

Mike ended up being the first boat in the VIP Fishing Charters fleet. After scores or possibly hundreds of trips I have sent to Mike, I have received only one bad review. When I called him to tell him, he was extremely apologetic and embarrassed and offered to do anything to make it right. I know things don’t always go right, but it is owners that react like this when things go wrong that win my business for life. And in Mike’s case, he has now won not only my business personally, but my endorsement for my customers as well

VIP Fishing Charters provides advice on the best fishing charters in Ft Lauderdale. Click here to request a free quote on Ft Lauderdale fishing charters.

Mahia Mahia Fishing in Fort Lauderdale

Written by Capt. Steve on Monday, 09 July 2012. Posted in Fishing Advice

Mahia Mahia Fishing in Fort Lauderdale

Mahia Mahia fishing in Fort Lauderdale (aka Mahi Mahi, Dolphinfish) is a tropical and subtropical fish species that's a South Florida favorite. It's name comes from the Hawaiian words meaning very strong. We catch Mahia Mahia in a variety of different ways, but primarily by trolling. When fishing for Mahia Mahia in Fort Lauderdale we typically use frozen ballyhoo or live baits, but mahia mahia can also be caught using bright colored lures.

Mahia Mahia is a delicious, mild fish that's often served grilled. Our favorite is blackened mahia mahia, which has a salty, spicy kick.

Typically, Mahia Mahia in Fort Lauderdale range from 15 to 30 pounds, but can grow to more than 40 pounds. They are one of the most beautifully colored fish in Fort Lauderdale, and truly in the entire ocean. They feature brilliant shades of yellow, blue, and green, with dazzling specks throughout.

Mahia Mahia fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale are one of our most popular requests, so please contact us if you are interested.

Is deep sea fishing dangerous?

Written by Capt. Noah on Monday, 09 July 2012. Posted in Fishing Advice

Fishing Charter Tips and Gratuity Guide

Deep Sea Fishing is not particularly dangerous, particularly as compared to other action and watersports. The boats and captains are forced to comply with strict United States Coast Guard regulations, that dictate required safety equipment, for boats and training programs, physical testing, and drug testing for captains.

The most common risks of deep sea fishing are actually sunburn and dehydration, both are easily preventable with a bottle of sunscreen and a bottle of water.

Less common risks include, scrapes, scratches, and bruises, allergic reactions, and unlikely but possible: falling overboard.

Children are required to wear life jackets and it is recommended that adults who are not strong swimmers wear life jackets as well. If you are bringing children aboard, contact the captain ahead of time to make sure he has appropriate life jackets for the size of your child.

How much to tip deep sea fishing

Written by Capt. Noah on Saturday, 07 July 2012. Posted in Fishing Advice

Fishing Charter Tips and Gratuity Guide


Tips and gratuities on fishing boats have gone from being optional to expected. Many crew members work mostly or entirely for tips and most will work as hard as they can to impress you. Like any gratuity, however, if you receive bad service it is well within your right to withhold some or all of the crews tips.

The customary gratuity is 15-20% of the price of a charter. In other words, $100 for every $500 you spend. If the crew has gone considerably far out of their way for you, you may tip more, just like in a restaurant.

Some people like to associate a gratuity with how much fish they catch. Certainly, if you’re catching a lot of fish that Captain and mate are working extra hard to get the fish in, bait new lines, and filet it back on the dock. Having said that, if you do not catch a lot of fish, it doesn’t mean that the crew wasn’t good or didn’t work hard to make your trip enjoyable. Sadly, there are days where the fish just aren’t biting and that’s why they call this sport fishing and not catching, it's not always the crews fault.

If you don’t catch a lot of fish and are considering an appropriate gratuity, consider how far out of their way did the crew go to try and find the fish or entertain you in other ways. Did the captain move the boat around in search of fish? Did the mate try different techniques, perhaps with different equipment or bait? If the answer is yes, than the crew likely did everything they could, and may have even worked harder than on an ordinary day. In this case it would be appropriate to give them a generous tip.

If, on the other hand, you didn’t catch fish, the crew was sour, or didn’t do anything to try and find the fish, than you probably have a good case for withholding a gratuity.

How much does deep sea fishing cost?

Written by Capt. Noah on Friday, 06 July 2012. Posted in Fishing Advice

695 dolphin

Compared to many other tourist and recreation activities, deep sea fishing is a fairly affordable activity. Prices for private deep sea fishing charters in Florida vary depending on location, time of year, boat availability and other factors.

At their cheapest, prices for a 4 hour fishing trip on a typical charter fishing boat in Florida start at around $500 and go up to around $800, depending on boat and location. On top of this, it is customary to tip the crew 15% - 20% for good service. Also, on some charters the captain will recommend the use of live bait, the cost of which will be passed through to the customer.

All this might sound a bit pricey, but consider that on most private charters you can bring up to six people along for the trip, so divided amongst a group, the trip is very affordable. The fun and excitement of deep sea fishing is worth every penny and unlike most tourist activities, fishing can pay dividends in the form of delicious fresh fish you can cook up at home or have a local restaurant prepare for big savings and even bigger satisfaction.

How Deep is Deep Sea Fishing

Written by Capt. Noah on Thursday, 05 July 2012. Posted in Fishing Advice


As the name implies, Deep Sea Fishing is in the “deep sea” but the word deep is vague and subjective and there’s no definitive answer. Think about it, the “deep” end of most pools is 6 to 8 feet! James Cameron went thousands of feet below the surface, and that’s deep to him.

Jokes aside, Florida deep sea fishing generally implies that you are fishing at any depth in the Atlantic Ocean or Gulf of Mexico. This could be a reef at 30 feet, a wreck at 200 feet, or on a drop off into a thousand feet or more. By contrast, in shore fishing is usually on lakes, bays, and rivers, which tend to be, but are not always, shallower than the depths in the Ocean or Gulf.

The depth at which you fish will depend largely on what fish are being targeted, inside information the captain has to where the fish are biting, or just trial and error. Most deep sea fishing in Florida is in less than 500 feet of water.

Where is the best deep sea fishing in the world?

Written by Capt. Noah on Wednesday, 04 July 2012. Posted in Tourist Info


There’s probably no question more loaded than “where is the best deep sea fishing in the world?” The answer is entirely subjective and really depends on what you’re fishing for, what kind of experience you want, how much pain you’re willing to endure, and how much money you’re willing to spend. I’ve heard the Southern Ocean has great fishing (just ask the Japanese), but there’s not too many people who are willing to endure the Antarctic temperatures, not to mention those pesky icebergs (did someone say Titanic).

So let’s do this, I’m going to give you my opinion on the top five reasonably priced, reasonable temperate destinations that to my knowledge have know icebergs.

Number 5: South Florida

Cheap and accessible with something for everyone, South Florida is a perfect fishing destination. The waters off the coast are rich with fish thanks to the warm waters brought year round by the Gulf Stream current. The fishing charter market here is highly competitive, which keeps prices low and there are plenty of awesome seafood restaurants that will cook up anything you catch for a small fee.

Number 4: Bimini, Bahamas

There’s nothing really to speak of in Bimini besides the water. This small group of islands in the Bahamas is located just 50 miles from Florida, but has about the bluest water I’ve ever seen. Bimini has a long history of fishing and was a frequent stomping ground for Ernest Hemingway whose books were inspired by many of his Bimini-area fishing adventures. It’s a half hour flight from Fort Lauderdale, and about a three hour boat ride.

Number 3: Outer Banks, NC

The Outer Banks of North Carolina, or OBX as locals call them, provide epic fishing grounds. They have a nasty reputation for unpredictable weather, but that doesn't really affect short fishing charters. The banks benefit from fish large and small brought by the Gulf Stream from the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean and Southern Florida. They are relatively easily accessible and the natural beauty of the entire area is pristine.

Number 2: Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are surely among the best fishing destinations in the world. For starters, you’ll feel like you’re fishing even before you head out on the water. Everything in the keys is about fishing. The billboards, the restaurants, the gift shops. Fish are everywhere. Oh yea, and they’re home to one of the largest barrier reef systems in the world, plus they are situated literally in the Gulf Stream current.

Number 1: Costa Rica

It seems like no one had even heard of Costa Rica until like 20 years ago. Since then, the small country as reinvented itself as the Eco Tourism capital of the world. Fish the rich waters off the pacific coast for giant marlin, sailfish, sharks and more. Costa Rica has some of the world’s best high end fishing lodges so you can head down and fish in style. It’s less than a 3 hour flight from most of the southern United States. And when you’re not fishing, you could be ziplining through the jungle, traveling down a river on a crocodile safari, or surfing some of the best breaks in North America.

What is deep sea fishing

Written by Capt. Noah on Wednesday, 04 July 2012. Posted in Miscellaneous


Deep Sea Fishing generally refers to fishing on an ocean or other large body of water. The term has become synonymous with sport fishing and most commonly refers to fishing charters. It is somewhat unusual to say, “I went deep sea fishing” when referring to one’s own boat. On the other hand, if you ask someone “where’s a good place to go deep sea fishing?” chances are they’ll know you mean “where should I charter a fishing boat?”

There is no definition as to the depth that deep sea fishing takes place at. You could be deep sea fishing in 40 feet of water or in 4,000 feet of water.

Deep sea fishing usually takes place on private charter fishing boats that are chartered (rented) for a period of time. Deep sea fishing charters typically include the boat, a captain, and often a mate as well. The boat has all the necessary equipment, including rods, reels, bait, and other technical items, required for fishing.

Short trips usually include the price of fuel, but longer trips as well as trips on high end fishing yachts typically add the cost of fuel on at the end.

How to prepare for deep sea fishing

Written by Capt. Noah on Wednesday, 04 July 2012. Posted in Fishing Advice


My friend who is a marine shared a saying they have in the military that I love to quote. It's called the 7 Ps and it goes like this:

Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

Deep sea fishing is a fun and enjoyable activity and generally doesn’t require much special preparation, but there are some good things you can do before hand and bring on the trip with you so that you are best prepared.

For starters, make sure you get plenty of rest and drink plenty of water the day before the trip. Fishing can be a physical activity and the Florida heat, even in the winter months can contribute to dehydration and exhaustion.

If you are prone to seasickness, hydration and rest is even more important, and it’s a good idea to pick up some Bonine or similar anti-motion sickness pill and take it the night before the trip. You should also consider getting a prescription for a seasick patch, which usually is applied the day before.

On the trip, bring plenty of water (some boats supply it, but most don’t) and other food, drinks, and snacks. In addition, sunscreen is essential no matter where or when you’ll be fishing. The most common mistake my passengers make is assuming that if it’s cloudy they won’t get sunburned. Big mistake!

For clothing, you should bring a few layers, including a waterproof jacket in case there is rain or splash. It’s a good idea to call the Captain the day before the trip to find out what weather is expected so you have the appropriate clothes.

Most crew members work for tips, so plan the gratuity ahead of time and bring cash. 15% - 20% of the price of the charter is the customary gratuity for good service. Exceptional service can be rewarded with a higher tip and subpar service can be discounted.

Like with any small business, Captains of fishing charters preferred to be paid in cash to avoid costly credit card fees. In certain areas, such as Destin, it is common for the boats to charge a credit card processing fee of around 5%. Check on this ahead of time and you could save yourself $25 – $50 on most tips, by paying in cash. Even with the best rewards cards, your rebate and miles are not worth that much!

Are Fishing Charters Safe?

Written by Capt. Noah on Wednesday, 04 July 2012. Posted in Fishing Advice

Are Fishing Charters Safe?

Fishing charters in Florida and the United States are generally a very safe activity thanks in large due to strict United States Coast Guard (USCG) regulations that govern fishing charter boats. One important thing to ask any fishing charter operator is whether their boats meet Coast Guard regulations and whether their captains are USCG licensed. If the answer to either of these questions is no then the operation is almost certainly operating illegally and you should look elsewhere for a trip. Sadly, there are quite a few unscrupulous, non compliant charter operators so it’s good to get a recommendation from a friend or a service such as ours.

Most fishing charter boats are considered “uninspected vessels”. This is simply a classification based primarily on size and doesn’t mean they are unsafe. In fact, the Coast Guard and other law enforcement agencies regularly board and perform surprise inspections of these vessels, so the word “uninspected” is quite misleading. There are extensive safety regulations in place for uninspected vessels, particularly with regard to fire extinguishers, life jackets, flotation devices, and other safety requirement that is required aboard the vessel.

Some larger fishing boats do have inspected classification. The best way to tell is whether the boat is able to take more than six passengers, as all fishing boats that take more than six passengers must be inspected. Again, if you’re considering going with more than six people, it is important to ask the operator if their vessel is “USCG inspected”.

With regard to captains licenses, the most common license for a fishing charter operator is called an OUPV (Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels) often referred to as a “six pack”. Some captains have higher level licenses called a “Master” that allows the captain to operate larger vessels as well as inspected vessels. Training and testing is very similar for both the OUPV and the Master, so you can feel at ease that a captain with either license is extremely experienced and capable.

With regard to risks, any on-water activity has risks. The risk of falling overboard, while unlikely, is the most significant and those who are not strong swimmers (and even those who are) should consider wearing a life jacket while on board any boat. Life jackets are imperative for children and are required by law for children under 12 in most states, including Florida. Your Captain should have an extensive stock of life jackets on board, but if you’re bringing smaller children, you should speak with the captain ahead of time to make sure he has a life jacket on board that will be appropriate for the age and weight of the child.

Fishing line and fishing hooks are sharp and handing line with your bare hands presents the risk of being cut. If you are not experienced handling fishing line, leave that up to the captain or the mate. If you do handle the line yourself, bring a pair of gloves to prevent the line from cutting you.

So now that I’ve scared you with falling overboard and getting cut by line and hooks, let me share with you the two most common “injuries” on a fishing charter that are also the most overlooked and also the easiest to prevent: dehydration and sun burn.

Fishing is a physical activity and in Florida the heat and humidity cause you to perspire quicker than you may be used to. Make sure you drink plenty of water before, during, or after your trip. If you are drinking soda and alcohol, be sure to mix in water as well, as both of these are diuretics and will cause you to dehydrate more quickly.

Even on cloudy days, the ultraviolet rays from the Florida sun can cause sunburn. Regardless of weather conditions and time of year, apply sunscreen liberally multiple times throughout the trip. Since there’s a good chance you’ll be sweating, be sure to use a waterproof sunscreen that will stay on even when you perspire.

So there you have it, the low down on fishing charter safety. If you have any questions, drop us an e-Mail and we’ll be happy to help you out.

5 Father's Day gift ideas for Dads who love saltwater fishing

Written by Capt. Noah on Tuesday, 01 May 2012. Posted in Miscellaneous

Fathers Day Fishing Gifts


Does your Dad already have a collection of "world's best Dad" mugs? Does he just go out and buy toys as soon as he wants them, leaving no time for well intentioned children and family members? If so, here are five clever gift ideas for Dads who like saltwater fishing in Florida

1. South Florida Peacock Bass Fishing Charter

Heard of a Peacock bass? The crazy fighting fish from Brazil that some schmucks brought to Florida and now is taking over our canals? Yeah that one. It might be bad for the environment but it sure is good for anglers. These beautiful fish are best caught from a small boat with an expert guide with the right equipment. We've got just the guy and your dad should be pretty stoked, especially if he's never done this before.

2. Williamson Live Mackerel Dredge Bar

Kite fishing is a popular way of catching sailfish, but a lot of the pros are recommending using a dredge. This dredge bar comes pre-rigged with 9 baits and 6 spoon flashers to get those sails excited. 300-lb. mono throughout makes it sturdy and Live Mackerel are pre-rigged and swim upright at 1-7 knots. The dredge includes an easy-to-rinse mesh bag.

3. Leatherman Charge TTi Multi Tool

Building on the success of the Charge AL and ALX the TTi rules the world of Leathermans. Is there such thing as having too many Leathermans? Your Dad probably says "no, there's no such thing." Besides a host of obvious tools, the TTi has a sculpted titanium handle that won't rust and is comfortable and lightweight.

4. GoPro HD Hero 2 Outdoor Edition Camera

Waterproof, shockproof, nearly bullet proof, the GoPro HD Hero 2 is a great gift for any outdoors or fishing enthusiast. For Dads who love to fish, we recommend the Outdoor edition complete with headstrap mount. Although the headstrap looks pretty ridiculous it's the best way to capture Dad's next fishing fight – err you know what we mean – and it's also great for Blair Witch reinactments and inane frat house humor your Dad loves.

5. Ultra Luxury Fishing Charter Aboard a 65 Foot Viking Platinum Edition Sportfish

Unless your Dad belongs to the top 1% chances are he doesn't have a 65 Viking Platinum Edition sport fishing yacht. This 65 foot boat – we mean yacht -- is complete with luxurious staterooms, flatscreen TVs everywhere, a top of the line entertainment system, and fishing equipment and tackle all at a tournament level. Sure, a day on the water will run you almost $4,000, but that sure beats the $3+ million price tag. And for that price, the owners even been good to pay for the first 20 miles of fuel. What a bargain!

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