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Booking Through VIP Fishing Charters vs Booking Through Boat

on Thursday, 19 January 2012.

Since you landed on vipfishingcharters.com  website you obviously searched for fishing charters on the internet.  Everyone is searching for the best fishing charter in a particular city.  The majority of people end up calling a few fishing charter captains and get a biased response "we are the best fishing charter in this particular area." Of course you could book directly through the captain and have a great experience and catch a ton of fish, on the other hand you may have called a captain that all the locals know is horrible, unpredictable, unsafe, and unreliable and have a miserable experience.  Nobody wants to have the fate of their fishing charter to be determined by a coin toss.   

VIP Fishing Charters put simply is a booking agency that specializes in fishing charters throughout Florida.  We send these captains lots of business and they understand the importance of a company like ours.  This is how we guarantee that any charter booked through our company will be the same price if not less as if you booked directly with a captain.  No captain in their right mind would risk losing their relationship and the amount of business we provide for them week in and week out.

VIP Fishing charters allows anglers to find the best fishing charter that meets their specific needs.  No need to call around to 10 different boats.  We will educate on the differences among each operation, boat and captain and help you determine which would be the right fit.  We want happy clients and repeat business!  Remember a charter booked directly through a captain has no quality control.  VIP Fishing Charters has done all of your homework for you!

How VIP Fishing Charters Selects Boats

Written by Capt. Steve on Wednesday, 18 January 2012. Posted in Miscellaneous

We take the guess work out of booking a fishing charter!

Many people ask, out of the hundreds if not thousands of fishing charters how  does VIP Fishing Charters select their boats and captains.  Here is the criteria and methodology we use!


The most important aspect of any fishing charter is the captain.  Traditionally if you have a good captain all the other parts of a successful fishing charter will follow.  Steve the owner of VIP Fishing Charters has grown up around fishing boats and captains his whole life.  He personally interviews and interrogates each fishing captain prior to allowing them to join our service.  Being a South Florida local Steve knows the reputations of most captains and takes this intro great consideration when selecting the best available.  We are able to be very selecitve due to the amount of traffic to our website generates.  We typically use captains that are owner operators of the vessel.  This insures they will take the utmost pride in the fishing charter and their boat.  Another key attribute we look for when selecting captains is the passion for fishing.  We don't want captains that strictly do this for the money.  VIP Fishing Charters wants fishing captains that will put in 100% effort and fish like it's the last trip they will ever do. Our clients range from kids to grandparrents, springbreakers to honeymooners.  Our captains have to adapt to all of their clients needs, wants, skill levels and personalities.   


Safety is our number one concern for all of our clients.  We inspect and visit all of the fishing boats on a regular basis.  A tell tale sign for a well maintained boat is well maintained fish gear.  If you step on to a boat and see fresh fishing line on the reels and immaculately maintained gear you will find the same kind of care throughout the rest of the boat.  Since we want customers with all different types of budgets to be able to fish with us we select a range of boats from small to large and old to new.  This affords everybody the opportunity to fish with us.  One thing they all have in common is that they are safe, well maintained and comfortable.

Reputation and Customer feedback

What really separates us from any other service is our ability to get honest customer feedback about each one of our fishing trips.  Prior to using a captain we take into consideration their reputation and longevity of the captains career.  We do not work with fly by night operations.  We only want the best captains who continuously run and maintain successful charters.   Continuous feedback from our clients allows us to make sure our boats performing at the top of their game.  We can track the amount of fish our fishing charters are catching as well as how hard they are working.  The majority of the time our clients rate each charter as excellent but if they are unhappy with anything we definitely will look into it and make sure the boat is a good fit for VIP Fishing Charters.

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