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How We Choose Fishing Guides

Written by Capt. Noah on Thursday, 20 June 2013. Posted in Infographics & Resources

There are so many fishing captains and guides in Florida. They all scramble around offering their services. Fishing is incredibly popular in Florida and there is a big demand for fishing charters. Unfortunately, finding the best of them (or even marginally acceptable ones) is not easy unless you know some people that can advise you. Randomly selecting a guide to take you onto the ocean may prove to be an incredibly unpleasant experience and could even be potentially dangerous for you. We strongly recommend thorough research before choosing a guide and fishing boat. Alternatively, we have selected the best fishing guides in Florida and have done this work for you already.

How do we choose our fishing guides?

There are a variety of immensely important factors that we take into consideration when deciding whether a fishing guide is among the best. We know about many horror stories involving unscrupulous, inexperienced, belligerent fishing guides that do not know how to navigate and have extremely unhygienic fishing boats with the worst quality equipment. This will not happen to you when you book one of our fishing charters in Florida. This is how we determine who the best fishing guides in Florida are:

  • Local Knowledge

Fishing guides need to have extensive local knowledge such as where to find different fish, how to catch them, how to use the techniques certain fish require, how to use the equipment needed, which fish are edible and they need to know how to navigate their way through the Atlantic Ocean. Added local information is also essential; such as the best restaurants, accommodation, bars, tourist attractions and reputable companies to refer clients for other activities. They also need to know where the nearest medical facilities are in the case of someone being injured.

  • Experience

Fishing experience is of paramount importance in a fishing guide. You do not gain knowledge unless you have experience. Finding fish, catching them and knowing everything about their habits means practice. Ensuring that their clients have the best chance possible of catching the fish they are targeting requires years of acquired experience. Only practice will teach you how to deal with certain situations such as seasickness, injury or other unforeseen circumstances.

  • Customer Reviews

Customer satisfaction is the most important part of being a fishing guide and we use such information to choose the best guides for us. We interview customers and get valuable feedback from them. An unsatisfied client is quick to tell you why they had a bad or mediocre experience, and they are notoriously particular. Their opinions give us the insight we need to know whether a potential fishing guide has what it takes to be part of our team.

  • Equipment

We expect our fishing guides to provide our clients with the necessary equipment. They need to know exactly how to use every item and it must be of exceptional quality. Rods, reels, spinning reels, tackle, monofilament line, fluorocarbon line, circle hooks, treble hooks, dredges, kites, lures, buoys and even bait needs to be provided. Their fishing boats need to be outfitted with the latest tournament grade equipment so that our clients have the best chance of success. Many of the fish caught in Florida will easily overpower cheap rods and reels, which is unacceptable to us.

  • Fishing Boats

It is critically important that potential fishing guides have the best boats. They need to be exceptionally clean, be serviced regularly and be well maintained. Engines need to be in perfect working order, as do other essential parts. Boats need to be fast and supremely comfortable. Most importantly, they need to be safe. This means that they must comply fully with any and all United States Coast Guard Regulations.

  • Friendliness

Our fishing guides need to be friendly and easy conversationalists. Their knowledge needs to be shared with all anglers onboard in a way that makes them feel like they are doing really well. We do not want our clients to feel stupid when they are learning, or be shouted and screamed at when something needs to be shown again. Our guides need to uplift our clients and take their needs into consideration as a priority. A belligerent fishing guide will never be a member of our team.

Our standards are extremely high and potential fishing guides are scrutinized in every conceivable way. You are guaranteed a knowledgeable guide that will help you to catch a truly monster fish. Their expertise ensures you have the best possible chance of your trophy or lifetime career fish and an extraordinary adventure is assured. We have chosen the best fishing guides in Florida so that you do not have to.

Contact us to book your Fishing Charters in Florida and meet our phenomenal fishing guides.


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