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Written by Capt. Noah on Saturday, 06 October 2012. Posted in Fishing Boats

In our efforts to find the best fishing boats, fishing captains, and fishing guides around, we've noticed that there really isn't a complete list of all the fishing boats in Florida, and certiainly not for the rest of the United States or the world.

There seem to be a number of fishing directory sites out there, but a lot of them have outdated information or require a fee for listing, which discourages participation.

We've decided to compile our own fishing charter directory using the information we find on and offline. We're also going to set it up so that users can post to the directory as well. Hopefully, over time this will grow into a good resource for anglers. We feel it would be helpful to have a comprehensive directory with boat names, boat types, boat sizes, and reviews of fishing charters. Since we don't represent or recommend every charter out there, we think it would be good for people to have access to an independent site where they can freely post reviews and see all the boats available in a given area.

Building a directory like this is a side project so please be patient as we work out the kinks. Our main business remains finding the best fishing charters out there, so if you are looking to go fishing in a specific location please give us a call!

About the Author

Capt. Noah

Capt. Noah

Noah is a United States Coast Guard licensed captain and PADI divemaster. He grew up in South Florida and has a passion for all things involving water. He is one of the rare bread of boaters who loves sailing and power boating. Noah sails competitvely and enjoys travelling, photography, and cooking. 


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