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Fishing Guides Miami

Written by Capt. Steve on Monday, 24 September 2012. Posted in Miscellaneous

Miami Fishing Guides

There are over one hundred fishing guides in the Miami area.  The best fishing guides in Miami have been fishing the local waters for years.  There's no other way to become an expert at anything including fishing without constant practice and repetition.  What makes a great fishing guide is first of all being able to catch a lot fish that you want to target.  Fishing guides in Miami usually have a specialty.   Some examples of types of Miami fishing guides are: deep sea fishing guides, inshore and bay fishing guides, and flats guides.  A fishing guide specializing in one of these types of fishing may not excel at a different type of fishing.  Making sure you choose the right type of fishing guide is important to the overall success of your fishing charter.

Another important characteristic for a Miami fishing guide to have is a personality to match your groups.  If you are a novice angler who has never been fishing before, a fishing guide who enjoys teaching and has a lot of patience would be a good fit.  Some of the best fishing guides are very intense and competitive but don't have the patience to teach newbies.  We have Miami fishing guides with range of personalities to fit all sorts of clients.  Some anglers want fun and jovial guides while other want more intense serious guides.

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