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Fishing Photos & Videos

Great White Shark Freediver

Written by Capt. Noah on Thursday, 02 May 2013. Posted in Fishing Photos & Videos

Freediver comes face to face with a great white shark

"Variables" from Justin Turkowski on Vimeo.

This is a beautifully done video from Kimi Werner documenting her passion for the ocean and her respect for nature. Even though some people criticize fishing and hunting, I think Kimi really articulates the view that a lot of anglers and hunters share.

The video has amazing shots of Kimi freediving with a great white shark and even riding along with it. Gosh do we love GoPros!


Amazing Fish Shaped Cloud

Written by Capt. Noah on Thursday, 21 March 2013. Posted in Fishing Photos & Videos

Check out this awesome photo taken by VIP's own Captain Tommy on Texas Wireline in Pompano Beach, Florida. Is it a sign from the fishing gods, or what?!


Cloud shaped like a sailfish

Mystery Eyeball found on Pompano Beach

Written by Capt. Noah on Friday, 12 October 2012. Posted in Fishing Photos & Videos

Mystery Eyeball found on Pompano Beach

Yeah. The photo is a little gross but is it weird that this makes me want to go fishing?  According to the Sun Sentinel, Gino Govacci was on his usual morning walk down the beach when he spotted a monster eyeball just sitting there. Lucky for marine biologists, Govacci had the sense to get in touch with Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, who arranged to pick up the giant blue orb to help identify it.

When I first saw the photo, I immediately thought swordfish, and reading further down the Sun Sentinel article I found a marine biologist quoted as saying the eyeball is most likely a swordfish but might also be from a giant squid.

Here's a photo of our Fort Lauderdale fishing captain Mike Johnson with a large swordfish he caught. You can see the resemblance of the eye, which is about the size of the palm of his hand.

Pompano Swordfish Fishing Charter

I hope one of our Pompano fishing charters that's going out today catches a one eyed swordfish. Now that would be news!

VIDEO: Fisherman gets pulled overboard by a Marlin

Written by Capt. Noah on Tuesday, 25 September 2012. Posted in Fishing Photos & Videos

File this one in the "oh sh#t" department. Marlin fishing can be pretty intense apparently.

You can skip the first 2.5 minutes of this video and fast forward right to 2:50. The mate is trying to land a blue marlin that they've been fighting. He wraps his hand around the line to get a better grip and it looks like a combination of the boat rocking and the fish fighting causes him to fall overboard. His hand stays tangled in the line as he's swept further back behind the boat. Fortunately he was able to free himself and get back on the boat and laugh it off with injuries only to his pride. Kinda funny that everyone just keeps fishing after.

From what I could see in the video he was properly holding the fishing line with his right hand, but it looks like when he switched to his left he got an extra wrap around his palm, which ultimately snagged him up. You always want to handle fishing line carefully and never wrap it, or any other rope or line that's under load, around any part of your body.

I also think the crew of this boat could use a little extra safety training in man overboard response. If someone does fall overboard the crew should always respond by yelling "Man Overboard" and immediately throwing any floating objects, preferably a life ring or life jacket, in the water. This helps in two ways - 1 it provides something buoyant for the MOB to hold onto, and two, it helps the captain navigate back to the area that the person fell overboard in. It's also important for at least one person to keep a constant eye on the man overboard and keep a finger pointing to them at all times. All in all, the captain did respond very quickly by backing the boat down, and fortunately the MOB was not injured and hopped back in through the door.

Like most sports, fishing is generally very safe, but it's important to remain alert and avoid situations that could turn into trouble.

VIDEO: Shark Fishing in Miami, FL

Written by Capt. Noah on Wednesday, 05 September 2012. Posted in Fishing Photos & Videos

Check out this great video of a group of anglers landing a hammerhead while shark fishing in Miami, FL.  This hammerhead is a beautiful fish and I'm always amazed by their size and power.

One of our most popular requests is shark fishing charters because many of our guests want the thrill of catching a shark. Besides hammerhead sharks, we also find quite a few other species of sharks near Miami, including bull sharks, thresher sharks, nurse sharks, and more.

Our Miami shark fishing charters are suitable for all types of groups and families. Our crew are experts at shark fishing and know how to safely handle these powerful creatures. We are also concerned with shark conservation and therefore comply with all Florida shark fishing regulations.

Video: Guys go tuna fishing and capture amazing footage of dolphins

Written by Capt. Noah on Saturday, 11 August 2012. Posted in Fishing Photos & Videos

Wow. This has to be some of the best footage of dolphin porpoises ever captured.

Some fishing enthusiasts go tuna fishing in a center console off of Santa Cruz. They built a custom fishing enclosure for their GoPro camera that they could tow behind the boat presumably to get footage of the fish hitting their baits. Then some photogenic dolphin porpoises show up and you really have to see the video to understand how special the footage is.

I could watch this video on loop over and over again (minus the tuna part at least!).

dolphin porpoises underwater

Captain Loses His Cool on a Fishing Charter

Written by Capt. Noah on Friday, 15 June 2012. Posted in Fishing Photos & Videos


This video is unbelievable. A fishing charter captain loses it on a tourist who makes a mistake with the drag on the real.

Before you watch this video you need to know three things:

  1. This takes place in Europe ... it's not on one of our boats or even one of our competitor's
  2. They say the F word so don't blast it at work
  3. This is why it's good to get boat recommendations from VIP Fishing Charters!

Pirate Swimming Pigs in the Bahamas

Written by Capt. Noah on Tuesday, 27 March 2012. Posted in Fishing Photos & Videos

This video will definitely make you laugh

We stopped at Big Major's Spot near Staniel Cay in the Bahamas. Besides its stunning beauty, the island is best known for its population of swimming pigs. I shot this video of one of them "attacking" our dinghy in search of food. The pigs are funny, but what happened off camera was even funnier, which was four grown men all rushing to the other side of the boat in fear of the hungry amphibious pig. Enjoy...

Fishing Video of the Day - Venture 39 In$ufi$hent Fund$

Written by Capt. Noah on Tuesday, 28 February 2012. Posted in Fishing Photos & Videos

Here's the ridiculously cool, don't we wish we could all have a boat like this and catch all these fish so we didn't have to charter someone else's boat, video of the day.

A 39 Venture out of South Florida making a trip over to the Bahamas for some sport fishing...

Awesome Video of Sailfish Chasing a Dredge

Written by Capt. Noah on Wednesday, 15 February 2012. Posted in Fishing Photos & Videos

We can't get enough of GoPro cameras

Check out this sweet video montage of sailfish chasing a dredge outfitted with a GoPro camera. I especially like right around 4:10 seeing the other baitfish schooling with the dredge. So cool!

We've heard from our captains that they've been having good luck with sailfish fishing and dolphin fishing in Fort Lauderdale. We need to buy one of our boats a GoPro!

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Sun Rise Dolphin Fishing

Written by Capt. Steve on Wednesday, 04 January 2012. Posted in Fishing Photos & Videos

Nice Healthy Box Full of Dolphin

dolphin box

The saying" The early bird gets the worm" looks to have some truth behind it.  These beautiful dolphin were caught just off of Fort Lauderdale during sunrise.  It's always nice to drive back into Port Everglades with a full box of fish!