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Miami Fishing Charters Price

Written by Capt. Steve on Monday, 24 September 2012. Posted in Tourist Info

The price for a Miami fishing charter can have a dramatic range.  Miami fishing charter prices depend on many different factors.  Some of the factors include: type of boat, length of trips, location, bait, catering and demand for the charter.  Typically smaller boats in Miami such as flats or bay boats are the cheapest.  These boats burn a lot less fuel then other boats in Miami and do not have any crew members besides the captain.  The price for this type of fishing charter usually start around $400 for a half day and goes up to $6oo for a full day.  The center consoles in Miami would be the next step up from the bay and flats boat.  They are typically a little larger and can go out in the ocean for deep sea fishing.  The price for these center console trips begin around $500 for a half day and go up to $800 for a full day.  For larger groups it probably makes sense to charter a sportfish style boat in Miami.  These boats can hold up to 6 people and usually have a bathroom on-board.   These Miami boats range from $700 for a half day up to $1200 for a full day.  The price is higher for the sportfish style boats because they normally have a two man crew, burn more gas and have higher maintenance expenses and dockage fees.

The prices for our Miami fishing charters have a wide range but are always competitive for the quality of the charter you are getting.  For example a 65' luxury viking is going to cost a lot more than a 45' older Hatteras.  We have a good selection of boats to meet all of our clients budgets and needs.  Miami fishing charters prices can also go up if you add on catering, stewards, and drinks.  Customary gratuity is typically 15% to 20% of the miami fishing charter price.  Let us help you find the perfect charter that fits your budget.  Here are a few of our Miami charter options.

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